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Big Doe Eyes, Here we come!

Bigger eyes can make you look younger and wide awake. While all eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I have small almond-shaped eyes myself and pretty few people have complimented me for the same! Not everybody has large eyes. However, we can always create an illusion of bigger eyes with the use of smart makeup techniques.


The brows make all the difference. Take a ride to the salon at frequent intervals, and maintain the brows in good form by following the natural shape of your eyes.

For the ones who like to keep their brows bold, keep in mind that you have to maximize the space you have so that it creates an apparition of bigger looking eyes. Bright, thick, and exquisite brows bring attention to the eyes. The distinction between natural brows and over-tweezed arches is that the first one makes us look more innocent, and the latter makes you appear older.

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 Pro Tip: To get those fuller and more expressive brows, brush them up with clear brow mascara.

Say Goodbye to puffy eyes

The key to fabulous eyes is with the help of pampering them right, each day. The swollen skin around the eyes can make them look tiny.

Remedies for puffy eyes
Get rid of puffiness home remedies for puffy eyes
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Pro Tip:  Here is how you could lessen puffiness across the eyes. Get sufficient sleep, Wash your face with cold water often, Place used cold tea bags over the eyes because the tannins present in tea tighten the pores and skin,  reduce salt intake and exercise regularly.

Taking care of Undereye dark circle

Using a concealer to cover up the dark circles will not make your eyes appear bigger; however, at least, the dark circles will not draw attention to them when someone is looking at your eyes. So, this step is essential.

Pro Tip: Color correct your blemishes and dark circles with an illuminating concealer. Ensure you use a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and enhance your look.

Neutral Colour eye Shadow:

Use neutral and light eyeshadows. Follow the rule of thumb for contouring – Bright colours for the areas that you need the light to reflect and darker sunglasses for the areas you need to push back. Using mild hues at the centre of the eyelids highlights it. Pick up some product on a brush, faucet the excess off and gently follow at the middle of the eyelids.

Eye Shadow Or Bronzer Neutral Brown Smudge Isolated On White ...
Image Source: Istock

Pro Tip: The shadow can be shimmery or of matte finish; it doesn’t count number as long because it is light in colour.

Tightline upper and lower waterline

This step makes a lot of difference. Use a black liner to tight-line the top waterline. It gives the advent of fuller lashes and helps to open up the eyes

 When using liner on the lower lashline, make sure to only use it on the outer part.

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Pro Tip: The formula is fantastic, and it gives your eyelashes volume without doing much!

Curl your lashes

An eyelash curler to ladies is what a sports automobile is to men. For those large eyes, ensure that you curl the lashes within the roller towards the roots.

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Image Source: Allure

Pro Tip: E.L.F. Studio Eyelash Curler and Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Eyelash Curler are one of the best.

Use your favourite mascara

The magic wand for makeup, a good mascara can make your eyes look bigger in no time. For those battle lashes and added glam, try applying 3 to four coats at the outer corners of the eye to create doe shaped eyes.

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Image Source: Shutterstock

Pro Tip:  You may use Clinique’s High Impact mascara and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for that oomph factor.

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