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Shopping for adorable baby items may be the easiest thing in the world, but choosing comfortable yet attractive pieces for your maternity wardrobe can get scary real quick. 

Many pregnant women dread the thought of shopping for maternity apparel. They may be concerned that there will not be a large number of selections or designers to choose from. However, the idea of pregnant women needing to wear huge tent-like skirts, muumuus, and other ugly designs is just no longer accurate. There are several designers nowadays who have taken maternity wear to the next level.

You may have questions about maternity clothes in general, such as “When do I need them?” in addition to how to get comfortable, stylish pregnancy garments. or “How do I find something appealing and affordable to wear?” From clothing the bump to embracing your changing pregnancy body, here are some pointers. 

PS: you can thank me later!

  1. Maternity Leggings
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Okay, so this is my ultimate favourite! These ultra-comfortable maternity leggings not only elongate the shape of your legs but also provide AMAZING (believe the emphasis) support to your growing bump. On the other hand, the silhouette of your tops turns out to be incredibly smooth!

  1. Blazers

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Taking cues from the Fashion Goddess herself. Sonam Kapoor just announced her pregnancy, and on her first public appearance as a mother-to-be, she was spotted intimidating nothing but a Blazer! Blazers have an intrinsic ability to highlight your curves. So, whether it’s a business meeting or a brunch with your baby’s Godmothers-to-be! Take that blazer out of your closet and flaunt it as you may! 

  1. Bodycons 

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Listen to me before you flip out, please. While you may believe that your stretch marks and baby fat make you appear weird, you are absolutely inaccurate! These aren’t defects, they’re beauty marks! They make you extremely beautiful. And believe me, whenever I see a soon-to-be-mommy on the road looking her best, I resist the impulse to hug her and tell her how proud I am of her! This is the most gorgeous you will ever be, and self-love is essential!

Pro Tip: Invest in Free size Ribbed-knit bodycons which can be used post-pregnancy too! 

  1. Anarkalis 


Anarkalis might seem like a thing of the past. But for maternity style guides, it tops our list! The flowy silhouette helps you in hiding that beautiful bump from all the buri nazar and while at the same time, glams up your look in absolutely no time. So, be it a meet-up with your in-laws or a Pooja at home, pair it up with some classy maternity leggings and you’re good to go!

  1. Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits and pregnancy have never seemed to go together in my opinion. But, come to think of it, jumpsuits are a terrific maternity wear option because they blend comfort and style in a single piece of clothing. You can choose a denim jumpsuit and match it with your favourite tee or an all over for a beautiful and edgy appearance!

  1. Versatile Dresses

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Maternity gowns are a must-have for many expecting moms, and we can see why! They are easy to put on, can be dressed up or down, and are quite comfortable from day to night. Do you have a thing for all things lovely and floaty? Dresses in voluminous shapes are ideal for achieving laid-back appeal. If you like to look sleek and stylish, our form-fitting gowns were designed to show off your growing baby bump.

  1. Lounge-wear

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Pregnancy or not, loungewear has time and again proven to be a girl’s best friend. Have nothing to wear? Lounge! Running short of time but still wanna make an appearance? Lounge! Blended with comfort and style, loungewear should be your go to for a maternity wardrobe! Invest in some comfy, stylish pieces and trust me you’re going to come back later and thank me for this! 

  1. Layering

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So this one isn’t something that’s up for sale! This is an absolute FASHION STYLING TIP! Layering has been around for ages and when your old clothes just don’t seem to fit you right, this is your go-to!  You can layer your button up shirts with bodycons, dresses or even on graphic tees. Believe it or not, they seem extremely stylish and effortless at the same time. 

  1. Must-have Maternity Lingerie


Putting together a pregnancy wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few basic pieces will lay a lovely foundation and keep you feeling supported in the coming months.

Make a solid start by purchasing a couple pregnancy bras—these are extremely comfy for your expanding breasts and will also make future breastfeeding easier!

  1. Don’t forget your footwear 

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Choosing the appropriate shoes to go with your clothing is essential. When you’re pregnant, your feet may enlarge and your balance may become off. After all, you do have a few more pounds on the front of your body. So, choose shoes that are not only comfy but also solid enough to walk in. This isn’t to say that heels aren’t acceptable. Just make sure they’re comfy and that you can walk around in them without feeling shaky.

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When it comes to maternity apparel, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, there are numerous approaches to decorating your pregnant figure. You have the option of putting together outfits from what you already own or carefully selecting your maternity pieces at a nearby clothing store.

You don’t have to worry about breaking any fashion norms for the first time in your life. When it comes to what a pregnant woman wears, most people are pretty lenient. They’d rather discuss baby names. So unwind, have some fun, and get creative. ANDDDD, most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself! 

Loads of love and kisses to the little fairy growing inside of you xOxO 

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