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Modak 2
Modaka Hastha
Modaka Hasta

Modaks are the sweet offerings made during Ganesh Chathurthi. ‘Modaka Hastha‘ is one of the names for Lord Ganesha, meaning the one with Modak in his hand.

Ganapathi’s favourite delicacy is Modak. Hence, offering it as bhog is believed to please the Lord.

Kadubu, Karjikaya, and Kozhakattai are different forms of Modak with slight variations in the recipe.

The ingredients used in the preparation of Modaks are gluten free. Additionally these ingredients help to keep the body warm. Jaggery is great for detox, thereby enabling the body to fight against infections .

Ganapathi’s Favourite delicacy is Modak.These are offered to Lord Ganesha as bhog. Hence offering modak is believed to please the Lord.

Kadubu, Karjikaya, Kozhakattai are different types and forms of Modaks with slight variation in the recipes.

About Modak

Modak filling
Modak Filling

Primarily Modak has two parts to it:

  1. The outer filling or commonly known as dough.
  2. While the inner filling is commonly known as puran.

Interestingly, these are very versatile and can be adapted to suit your taste and preferences.

The puran, or the inner filling, can be of many varieties. Dry fruits, Mava, Desiccated Coconut, along with some condensed milk or Gulkand, are a few of the choices of puran for Modaks. The spicy Modaks are made with spicy besan mixture or spicy urad dal mixture.

The steamed sweet modaks, steamed spicy modaks, and fried modaks are the popular ones. Steamed modaks are a healthier option. Fried modaks make for great snacks and can stay fresh for up to a week if stored in an airtight container.


Furthermore, Modaks are gluten free sweets .Making them a  great option for Gluten Free / Nut free Sweets or even as Spicy Snacks. 

Steamed modaks are a healthier option. Fried modaks make for great snacks and stay fresh for up to a week when stored in an airtight container.

Let us now check out the detailed modak recipe and how to shape them with your hands.

Modak Recipe:

Sweet Steamed Modak :

Ingredients :

  • Rice Flour : 2 cups.
  • Coconut : 1 cup
  • Jaggery: 1/2 -3/4 Cup.
  • Pinch of Cardamon.
  • Poppy seeds – 1-2 tsp (optional)
  • Cashew and Raisins – 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Ghee – 2 tbsp.

Puran/ Modak Filling:

modak stuffing steps
Modak Puran
  • 1.Take grated coconut and jaggery in a pan on medium heat.
  • 2. As jaggery melts, the mixture becomes loose and runny. Continue cooking till it becomes thick and most of the moisture evaporates. It takes around 6-7 minutes.
  • 3.Now add poppy seeds, cashews, raisins and cardamom powder.
  • 4.Mix and cook a minute.

Modak Dough For Outer Covering:

modak dough 1
Modak Dough
  • 5.Bring water to a boil and add ghee. Keep the heat on medium-low.
  • 6. Add rice flour and stir immediately to avoid lumps. It will come together like a dough.
  • 7.Cover it with lid and Cook for 2-3 minutes. Do stir once or twice in between.
  • 8. Remove it on to a plate and let it cool to touch.
  • 9.Once it is warm or cool enough to handle. Start kneading and if it feels hot, apply some water on your palm and continue kneading.
  • 10.Make the smooth and lump-free dough.

Method 1: Using Modak Mould

shaping modak 3
Mould Modak
  1. Grease the inside of the mould using ghee. Take a small ball from the dough.
  2. Add one ball into the mould.
  3. Press it tightly and make the hollow center. Use your finger to shape it.
  4. Add the stuffing & lightly press it.
  5. Take little dough and seal the open part.
  6. Open and gently remove it and place it on the plate. Keep it covered with a clean kitchen towel while you shape the rest.

Note: Moulds are available at Amazon

Method 2: Using your hands

shaping modak 1 1
Make the Dough into ball and flatten it and make a slight dent in the centre
  • 1.First Grease your hand with ghee or just wet with water. take one ball on your palm.
  • 2.Now using your other hand, slightly press it to make the small disc.
  • 3 Using two hands (thumbs and fingers), gently press it and keep shaping it.
  • 4.Make about 3-4 inch diameter circle.
shaping modak 2 1
Add in the filling ,hold and pinch the dough to make pleat folds.
  • 5.In the center, add 2-3 teaspoons of stuffing.
  • 6. With the help of your thumb and first finger, start pinching the little edges and make the pleats.
  • 7. More near the pleats, more beautiful it will look. This comes from the practice also as mentioned above you’ll need to add glutinous rice flour (see ingredient notes).
  • 8. Now carefully pinch it together and seal it.


modakrecipe step19
Steam the Modak
  1. Prepare the steamer or pressure cooker and let the water come to a boil. Meanwhile, Brush all the modaks using water you may also gently moisten them with wet fingers.
  2. Arrange the modaks on a plate. Smear some ghee on to the plate so that once cooked they are easy to remove from the plat and serve
  3. Steam them for 10-13 minutes on medium heat. Let it cool to touch. Meantime they will firm up. Now remove them and place them on the plate. Drizzle ghee or saffron-milk over modak.

Your Steamed Modaks are ready to be served and savoured.

Healthy Modak

To make the fried modaks, replace the outer rice flour dough with dough made of fine sooji, use the coconut puran shown above, and fry the modaks in oil or desi ghee as per your choice. The steamed modaks last for a day while the fried modaks can be stored in an airtight container for a week.

These Modaks can be offered as Bhog/Prasad for any special occasion, puja or vrat.

Now that you have the recipe and step by step guide to make the modaks, you could try making the puran based on the suggestions shared above or with any other combination of ingredients for an altogether different taste. 

Use your imagination to customise the puran and modak to suit your tastes and preferences.

Modak Hasthमोदकहस्त

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