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Most Indians look forward to the arrival of the monsoon. A reprieve from the soaring heat levels of May and June, the ability to finally sit on the balcony without getting barbequed, and the sweet smell of damp earth; it’s as if when the skies begin to pour, a number of pleasant occurrences follow. However, it can be a terrible fate for the fashionista class. I mean, for those of us who enjoy always putting our best foot forward, the risk of accidentally stepping into a puddle is unsettling.

I understand your rain-induced fashion woes, from smeared mascara to soaked shoes, and from soaked through white shirts to pants splattered with vicious mud stains. All I can say is, don’t reach for those chunky gumboots just yet. Because we’ve given this whole looking cute despite the rain thing a lot of thought.

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 So, glam up without a care in the world this rainy season with these 5 monsoon fashion tips.

1. Ditch the black umbrellas


Are you still carrying your trusty black umbrella? Perhaps it is time to consider a more vibrant option. Welcome to the rainbow world of umbrella colours. If you must have black, how about cute graphics, lace, or stripes? Because we tend to wear dark-colored clothing when it rains, a stylish raincoat or umbrella can complement your look.

2. Rubber boots or shoes

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Although flip flops appear to be a good option, rubber shoes are the best rain shoes. They do not squirt dirt on clothes or feet like flip flops and loose slippers do. They’re inexpensive, washable, and comfortable. Walking in heels will not be easy. As a result, avoid wearing heels as well.

3. Opt for dark-coloured clothing to avoid mud stains

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Choose dark colours because rain stains tend to show up on light colours. But don’t limit yourself to black or a neutral dark grey. Avoid wearing all white clothing, because it is very easy to get dirty. Colours like pink, blue, orange, and yellow, on the other hand, work well when combined with neutrals. These colours will also lift your spirits and enhance your personality.

4. Accessorise with scarves

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Layer up with scarves to combat the monsoon chill. You can completely change the look of your outfit by using the right coloured scarves. Try out funky patterned scarves over monochrome outfits to add drama. If you want to go for a more formal look, choose a colour palette that compliments your shirt. Find scarves made of thicker materials, such as polyester, that are warm and easy to dry.

5. Pair your kurtas with cropped pants

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Who says you can’t dress ethnically when it’s raining? Kurtas, for example, have a bad reputation for being less manageable than a typical t-shirt and pants combo, but there’s little truth to that. All you have to do is tailor your ethnic look to the weather outside. Wear a kurta with cropped straight-leg pants or black leggings that fall just above your ankle. Choose darker or brighter hues and a slightly relaxed silhouette for your kurta, as you would for any other monsoon outfit.

There you have it, a list of tips and tricks to be on top of your style game even during the monsoon season. No matter what the season is, I can’t compromise on my fashion. If that describes you too, this is the article for you. So don’t forget to bookmark it. Comment below if this article helped you and share it with your other fashionista friends. Until my next fashion blog, stay stylish!


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