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Just when you let out a sigh that the summer season is over with the scorching sun hanging over us, sucking the life out of our bodies with its unbearable heat, the monsoon rains hit (I ended in a negative tone and you’ll see why). Most of you might enjoy the heavy showers and love to get drenched but take a moment and think about what it does to your skin.  During the monsoon season, the concentration of moisture content in the air is exceptionally high. And well, unfortunately, humidity and healthy skin do not go hand in hand. Your skin’s oil content is gonna reach its peak and get all sticky, leading to the worst breakouts you’ve ever thought of. 

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I am aware of the fact that I have officially ruined the monsoon rains for you, but hey, with every bad thing comes something good. Here are some monsoon skincare tips for you which you can incorporate into your skincare routine. Let’s hope your skin beats the rain (winks). 

How does it affect your skin? 

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Before we jump right in, you must know how this particular season takes a toll on your skin. We all know that humidity messes with our hair bigtime (like Monica’s Barbados hair-if you got the reference, my buddy, you are!). But the same applies to our skin as this weather change makes our skin oscillate between oily and dry depending upon the humidity levels present in the atmosphere. Humidity can be just as moody as us, because suddenly it gets the air all stuffy, our skin starts releasing excess oil, and it also brings out a dry phase which dehydrates our skin. So the outcomes are pretty obvious here-whiteheads, blackheads, acne. 

What’s your fix?

1. Cleanse and rinse

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Picking the right cleanser is crucial as it has a lot to do with the natural oils of your skin. You don’t want to use the one as you please and tease your skin barrier, because it will get right back at you! All you need is a soap-free cleanser that is gentle on the skin and does its job of wiping out the dirt without clogging your pores and leaving your skin dry. Also, keep in mind that washing your face over and over again is a STRICT NO unless you want to wave a green flag for breakouts and excess oil production. 

2. Exfoliation is your best friend.

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We all know that clogged pores are something we have to deal with clenched teeth  during this season. But if you befriend regular exfoliation, you’re all set. Scrubbing and rubbing bid farewell to dead skin cells and bring out a new set of pristine cells, making your skin as fresh as ever. Exfoliation also helps in driving away the impurities settled on your skin, thereby unclogging the pores.

3. Mask and bask!


There’s this common misconception that masking makes your skin drier than it already is during the rain. But how else are you going to keep your skin free from excess oil production? Use a face mask (preferably a clay mask to slay) at least once a week to refine your pores and toss out the dirt. So mask on and get that healthy glow!

4. Moisturise your skin to glory. 

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Do you need a moisturiser during the rainy season? Let me answer your question with a question: why is that even a question? Your skin needs hydration no matter what. Period. But unleash the nit-picky person in you when you choose your moisturiser. Opt for a light-weight, water-or gel-based moisturiser so that it does its job without filling up the pores. An oil-based or cream-based moisturiser is only going to grease up your face and feel heavy on your skin.

5. SPF is your BFF.

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Rain or shine, sunscreen is a must! Just because the sun’s in the hood doesn’t mean you can skip your sunscreen. The UV rays are still going to be present in the atmosphere and can still affect your skin. Shielding your skin barrier with SPF is absolutely essential during for the monsoon season as well. Make sure you use a non-oily sunscreen so as to go easy on the open pores and never forget to reapply every few hours.

Always remember that with every rain, shine, snow or sleet, your skincare routine needs an upgrade. Your skin is not conditioned to withstand changing weather and it is your responsibility to be on guard. Follow these skincare tips and enjoy the monsoon rains with a cup of hot chocolate!

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