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There is, in my opinion, no such thing as too much comfy-shoe content. Sneakers, of course, can provide both comfort and a decent look, but things become a little difficult from there because there’s a delicate line between fugly and just plain ugly.


Your requirements may fluctuate depending on your employment or your everyday commute. If you work in a more formal workplace and walk to work, you should consider classic flats that can be worn with trousers. If you work in a more informal environment and drive, you can prepare for spring and summer with some slide sandals. In any case, these are essential for your commute, office, and daily life. So today, I’ll be listing down the top 8 styles that have proven to be comfortable time and again depending upon the task in hand! 

Let’s get shoe-y!! 

  1. Wedges

Hear me out before you judge me for keeping this on top of the list. Wedges not only provide height to your ensembles, but they also complement them. The basis of this footwear is robust enough for you to glide in while also being edgy enough to entice you to invest in it. My pick you ask? I’d rather go for a nude-wedge for me to pair it with anything and everything!

  1. Sneakers
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This needs no explanation. Sneakers nowadays come in a variety of options to choose from. From stylised to the ones with heels, choose your pick and you are good to go for a day full of errands. 

  1. Mini Heels 
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Mini Heels are heels that are also comfortable. The height of these small heels is determined by your level of comfort. For a petite person like myself, I choose a 2-inch heel that is both comfortable and attractive. The idea here is to concentrate on the sole of the shoe to avoid shoebites.

  1. Loafers

Loafers are the ideal flats for spring and summer, as well as the ideal shoe for relaxing on vacation. Whatever brand you choose, make sure to prioritise comfort by investing in memory foam-based footwear.

  1. Point Flats
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If you are a fashion junkie like me then I am very sure that you are aware of how pointed shoes can make or break your look. Pointed flats are preferably formal wear but the key here is to opt for one based on your feet and not the one that looks best on it. Remember, Comfort is key! 

  1. Sliders/Floats
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Ethnic day at work? Or is it too sunny for you to cover your feet? Slide these on and your feet will be fresh for the rest of the day! 

  1. Glove Boots
everlane boot fb

The sock boot has been ubiquitous, but although some may not provide the best support or convenience, The Glove Boot does. The Re-Knit fabric, which is constructed of recycled materials, provides a comfortable stretch. This boot, like The Day Glove, fits like, you guessed it, a glove. Because of its big, two-inch heel, it hugs your feet and is also perfect for walking.

  1. Sandals 

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You might be wondering why this very bulky, out-of-the-box-looking sandal made the cut. But bear with me because I swear these sandals are the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn. While they may not always meet the aesthetic criteria, on some days, all that matters is comfort and nothing else. After all, there’s a reason Sandals are renowned as recovery shoes!

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And… that’s that! Here is the list of footwear you have-to-have in your wardrobe no matter the season. So, if you liked this blog don’t forget to leave a comment down below and show me some love! And I’ll be back real soon with another blog about the best brands to lookout for when it comes to footwear! Until then, stay sexy, stylish and comfortable! 

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