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We all adore our mothers, and with Mother’s Day approaching, we all want to honour her for who she is. After all, who needs a superhero when I have her? She cooks, cleans, and looks after everyone, and at the end of the day, we all value her the most, so even though every day is Mother’s Day, why not take this one a step further?

Aside from making her feel special enough on this day to tell her how much you appreciate her, make a big gesture that will make her feel priceless. Do her chores, try to cook some food, and the best thing you can do is set up a small movie theatre in your living room with dim lighting, gather the entire family, and have a movie night. Here are six movie suggestions for you to watch this Mother’s Day!



This is the ideal mother-daughter film from the early 2000s. A story about Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan). Tess is always busy with her work because being a single mother is difficult, and because she is busy, she can’t devote much time to her daughter, which obviously leads to the situation in which both the mother and daughter are distant. Anna always thought her mother didn’t understand what it was like to be a teenager, and then a big twist happens. A strange occurrence switches their bodies, and they are now forced to live each other’s lives. Damn! That is spooky but at the same time very interesting.

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We all have different tastes in animated films because they’re cute, a little emotional, and entertaining. So the plot of Brave revolves around a Scottish princess who is both rebellious and sweet and refuses to conform to her mother’s idea of being a ‘princess’ princess. Her mother, however, did not agree, and she decided for the princess to marry a prince from the opposing clan, and when brave tries to flee, she casts a magical spell that fires back and puts her mother’s life in danger. OMG! That is twisted. What is gonna happen now? Well to know you’re gonna have to watch the movie.



This is the film that makes us realise how special our mother is to us. This Amir Khan production film raises awareness about how children experience various learning disorders and how each child has unique abilities and talents. It also depicts an eight-year-old boy who realises his mother will not bring him back from boarding school. While he demonstrates this, you will be taken through a heartbreaking moment in which you will realise that only a mother can provide you with the security you seek. Yup tears are almost there, watch it right now.

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4. MOM

This is for those who enjoy action. In a story about how a heinous incident shatters a family and the court releases the criminals, Devki (Sridevi) decides to take the case into her own hands. She decides to exact revenge on her stepdaughter with the help of a private detective, DK (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). Mmmm… now that’s a saucy story, or should I say a must-see story, with an outstanding performance by Sridevi before her demise.

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Let’s add some emotion, shall we? Farwell, directed by Lulu Wang, is a love letter to a Chinese family’s beloved matriarch. The family’s eldest member, Nai Nai, has been diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor has given her three months to live. The entire family pretends that everything is fine while keeping her diagnosis a secret. The main opponent of keeping Nai Nai’s death a secret is Nai Nai’s granddaughter. To bid the most beloved mariarch farewell, the family arranges a phoney wedding. This film’s cast received a Golden Globe award for their performance.

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This film introduces a new perspective on motherhood to the Hindi mainstream. This is a story about a housemaid with stars in her eyes, Swara Bhaskar, who defies all stereotypes and provides her young daughter with a variety of opportunities. A single mother who will go to any length to educate her daughter, enrolling her child in the same school where she dropped out of high school. The daughter misinterprets her mother’s attempts to educate her, but her mother’s persistence pays off when the daughter pursues a career in the civil service and becomes a math tutor herself. A touching mother-daughter bonding story that you should not miss.

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That’s it folks these are the recommendations where you can work your magic to make your mother feel special. Try these movies out and tell me about the reactions in the comment section below.

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