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Who else dreams of it? ME! For sure! Sometimes I wonder, is it even possible to get the most beautiful and classic skin of all times! Seems impossible… But once you find the perfect skin home regime and you get the perfect start, everything will turn into your favor!

Speaking of perfect skin, I always admired our TV actors for their flawless skin!!!! And when it comes to TV Actors & on top of it flawless skin, who doesn’t fall for Mouni Roy? Our very own SHIVANYA and the way she keeps her skin perfect without much of a hassle has us head over heels for her! 

Did you check out her happy face in her wedding pictures? Oh My God!!! I, myself, admired her so much that I couldn’t help but check out her FLAWLESS Skin Regime. <wink> Here are some of the tips for you by our favorite Mouni Roy that could help you with the skin you are aiming for!

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Just like any other skin care regime, sunscreen tops the list! Like we all know and how every dermatologist recommends us, it seems like Mouni Roy is following the same rule. “Never get out of home without sunscreen.” She trusts the best brands to protect herself from harmful UV Rays. Not only this, she makes sure that she applies sunscreen every 3 hours. 

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In an interview she mentioned that she never uses any beauty products without consulting her dermatologist. She said, “It is important to consult a dermatologist before using any beauty product because they are the right people to guide and assist you with your skin’s needs and overall maintenance.” So that’s what we were missing, huh? We get too lazy to do that, right? But never miss out on consultation, folks. 

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Huh? What? Yes, I am 110% sure that you must be precisely thinking this! Being a celebrity, it requires her to be in makeup most of her day, isn’t it? BUT..!!!! Following a skin regime, and with the beautiful skin that she already has, it requires her minimal makeup and in order for her to keep her skin flawless, she makes sure that as soon as it’s a packup, she removes her makeup gently and completely with oil-based cleansers. She makes sure that she evades away from makeup whenever she isn’t shooting. 

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Mouni Roy always says that “SHE DRINKS A LOT OF WATER!” It helps her skin be hydrated and keeps it glowing. According to her, she recommends and also drinks around 8-9 glasses of water everyday. Along with it, she makes sure that she includes water-based fruits and vegetables in her meals and daily diet. Well, that sounds wonderful, isn’t it? For an alluring skin like our Shivanya, we can spare time from our day-to-day routine and do some easy steps, right?

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Mouni Roy always has been every girl’s inspiration in beauty and stupendous skin! And it ain’t that difficult to follow these tricks and techniques in our everyday routine to get that esthetic and awww-mazing look! So what do you think? Right after seeing her as Shivanya and then her latest wedding pictures has left everyone in awe! I know I am gonna follow this routine, how about you? 

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