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It wasn’t long ago that we could log onto social media or watch TV and see nothing but slim, socially acceptable bodies staring back at us, for example, Advertising outfits and makeup products, being cast as romantic leads alongside other impossibly attractive slim co-stars, having successful jobs and relationships, and generally existing within society with all the benefits that being slim can provide. 

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What we’ve seen in the last five years, however, is a significant shift in how bodies are portrayed in the media and  society. Body positivity has become a buzzword in the fashion industry, but we still see a few models representing diversity on a fashion week runway in a way that isn’t gimmicky or condescending. As a result, Half Full Curve’s presentation at Lakme Fashion Week was a welcome change of pace. 

Neha Dhupia joined in on the fun, The former Miss India was in Delhi recently to be the showstopper for aLL Plus size store at the FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week, which celebrates men and women of all sizes. According to Neha, while fashion is gradually becoming more inclusive, shows like these are leading the movement in body positivity. “There was a lot of magic on the ramp.” Fashion has talked about inclusivity, but they are the ones leading the charge.” Neha sported a full-length floral maxi with a white see-through jacket and metallic jewellery. 

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While plus-size women have different ideas about whether or not to wear a particular outfit. I’m here to dispel that myth; I’ll be providing styling tips on how to wear and style any outfit you want. So, the next time you see an outfit on a rack in your favourite store, don’t second-guess yourself about whether or not you have the body to pull it off. Because I’m going to show you that style comes in all shapes and sizes, and that fashion is for everyone. It’s not just for the skinny girls who pose for magazines. 

Read on to find out styling tips for Plus-size body types.

Everyday outfit

Nothing beats a pair of well-fitting jeans. Begin a casual look with a pair of straight-leg pants that lengthen your lower half. A surplice neckline peplum top flatters curvy frames, while an eye-catching print and puffed sleeves draw the eye upward and help balance your proportions. 

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When in doubt, wear a wrap dress

The simple wrap dress fits every body shape and is extremely flattering. The same cannot be said for any other type of dress, but if you have a go-to wrap dress in your closet, you’ll never be without an outfit.

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Wear that crop top

You can wear crop tops even if you don’t fit into a size S. Crop tops are flattering on plus-size women. Wear a crop top if you want to show a little skin – a little skin showing can look super cute. If you’re self-conscious but want to wear a crop top, pair it with a cool jacket or cardigan – this way, you can show a little skin while still feeling covered. Confidence is essential.

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Sophisticated workwear

You can’t go wrong with a tailored blazer when it comes to office-appropriate attire. We love pairing a traditional pattern like this glen plaid with a more abstract print to create a polished but fashionable look. The skirt’s midi length makes it appear like you have long legs, especially when paired with pointed-toe pumps.

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Invest in good underwear

This is a general fashion tip. A good pair of underwear and shapewear is a must-have for any plus-size woman.

The following are the essential components:

  • A supportive bra that fits properly
  • Shapewear that gives you a sense of security

TIP: Bras and shapewear are INVESTIGATION items. So don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on these items. The better the fit and quality the more confident you’ll feel.

Remember to wear a skin-coloured bra under sheer or light-coloured clothing to prevent your bra from showing through.

Nude bras come in a variety of colours to match your skin tone and blend in with your skin beneath your clothes!

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Try Multiple Sizes

Don’t pigeonhole yourself when it comes to dressing size! The size on the label is just a number; it means nothing and represents nothing about you as a person.

You may discover that a larger or smaller size than you think you are is a better fit – so always try on multiple sizes when shopping. This is also simple to do at home thanks to free returns for online purchases.

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Painting the town red

A fit-and-flare dress defines your figure, while a floral print and keyhole add feminine touches. Pointed-toe booties are a trendy alternative to pumps that are still appropriate for a night out. Finish with statement earrings and a perfectly messed-up updo. 

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So ladies, I’ve given you all the styling tips that mostly point towards fashion and style is for all shapes and sizes. But since you’ve read until here you get a brownie point from me,  hence I’ll give you an additional tip. You can wear anything you want or your heart desires just do so with confidence and you’re gonna drop a lot of jaws and turn a lot of heads. Confidence is all you need to look beautiful. If you’re not feeling confident it can break a well-put look as well. So be confident and if you aren’t fake it until you make it. That’s it for today. See you tomorrow in another blog and another topic. Stay stylish.  



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