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The Sun is showering us with so much love, it feels like a hundred degrees out there. And there’s not even a chance of going out unless there’s a miracle and it’s snowing out there. So, while we enjoy our family time inside, why don’t you spice things up with some of the most mysterious, dramatic, and hilarious movies and TV shows?

I have picked up 4 new yet evergreen shows and movies for you. Let’s see what is saucy this weekend?

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1. MAI

This is a must-see show. The plot revolves around a mother and her daughter, in which a grieving woman discovers the murderers or criminals responsible for her daughter’s tragic death at the hands of a truck, and after following some leads, she discovers that this was not an accident. She promises to find out the truth and becomes ruthless in her pursuit of the truth. Ooh… this gets interesting just by the intro but what happens next is oh.. Oh.. you’re gonna have to watch the series.

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This time, however, the title speaks for itself. A billion-dollar show with crazed fans all over the world, it’s about six adults in Manhattan who go on adventures that make their lives both troublesome and exciting! More than that, it’s a symbol of how friends can become family. There is love, laughter, drama, tenderness, heartbreaks, sadness, and basically every emotion in the world in one single series that shows us what life is all about. One thing is certain: by the end of it, you will be in tears. Yes, it is that incredible!

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This film is based on the former Haryana Chief Minister. Dasvi begins with the introduction of an arrogant Chief Minister of a fictitious state called Harit Pradesh. He believes he is the most cool yet arrogant jatt because he is the minister, but when he is caught in a scam and is imprisoned, he appoints his wife to become the CM until his release. Where he always says Ganga Ram Chaudhry (Abhishek Bacchan) kisike aage jhukta nahi, enters our beautiful Yami Gautam as the toughest cop where she makes the politician do the things a normal jailer does and to escape that Gangaram takes up a challenge of completing tenth standard since she mocked him for being uneducated. There are lessons and laughter in this movie, which is a must-see for a perfect Sunday Binge.

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This is the most cute yet hilarious romantic comedy yet. A story about a married couple Mouna (Adithi Rao Hydari) and Yaazhan ( Dulqueer Salmaan) where mouna fell in love with a house maker and until after marriage she didn’t realise he was so talkative, after getting annoyed she planned to divorce him, so she goes far away from him for a project where Yaazhan also comes back not knowing what to do at all she seeks out help from a therapist Malarvizhi (Kajal Aggarwal) to make him get out of the relationship. But there is a very interesting turn when the love blossoms in between….. Oops! Sorry you’re gonna have to watch the movie.


There you have it folks a list of options for a perfect weekend binge watch where your best friends can be your bed, blanket, TV/laptop and Netflix, watch these and tell me which you liked the most in the comment section.

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