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Are you waiting for Alia or Bipasha to release their baby’s photos? Same pinch. But have you thought about your newborn’s photo release? Or are you still in a rabbit hole to find the best photoshoot ideas? 

The answer to your queries is closer than it appears! 

While photography in itself is a niche skill, mastering a newborn photoshoot is tougher than that, since babies can’t pose and stay calm like we adults. The first important thing is to make your kid comfortable, do not make them feel the hassle. Make them wear very subtle and soothing dresses and don’t use too much of props and accessories on your child. Remember you got only a few weeks’ windows to capture your newborn’s photos to cherish for life long!

No worries! We have curated some amazing photoshoot ideas for your babies, which you can even do without a professional photographer. Sounds interesting? Just check these out:

Sleeping pose

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This one is the easiest possible way out there to capture your love without creating any drama or big deal! Just the rawness of their skin, eyes and little noses is enough to win any heart. Just take care of the background and photo angle. 

With mamma 

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Don’t you think babies’ pics click better when with mammas? You should never fail to capture the warmth and bond you both share. Just curl them up in your hands or lie down with them. Do wear matching or same colour outfit and again minimal accessories. 

With parents or family

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This one is very special since in this pose your baby is supported by the two of you with all the love and gratitude you possess. To click the best one, you only have to be in the moment with your baby.


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You can’t deny the fact that wrapping your sweetheart with so much of clothes and fancy dresses will not make it to a good picture, as they get irritated very soon. It’s better to do a naked photoshoot acknowledging the art of god, showing the sweet wrinkles and rolls, scrunchy little faces, tiny hairs, and delicate skin.

With pets

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This one is for pet lovers. As for you, your pet might be your first kid or one in the family frame. Why should you keep your pet away while shooting, when you can click an amazing picture with them? Beware you can’t leave the baby alone with your pet, doesn’t matter how much you trust your pet. With wise supervision and well-thought-out ideas execute a bonding picture with your pets.

With siblings

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If your newborn has siblings, get them into the frame. It’s time to capture some candid moments and their cuddlings. I bet this one will be the best addition to your wall.

With props

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While, it is best not to dump too many pros and accessories on the frame, plan a minimal look and use what is essential. Including a small headband or colourful blankets or some flowers etc can elevate the picture in no time.

Not showing the face

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If you are not comfortable showing the face of your baby to the public but want to show them a sneak peek or want to capture just the baby’s fingers and tiny feets this one is for you.


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While it is safe and recommended to keep your photoshoot indoors if the weather permits and the environment is safe, you can always try outdoor photoshoots as well. As in outdoor shoots, you are blessed with natural light and serene surroundings, you will easily get stunning pictures with gorgeous colours and elements.


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To our surprise, the most beautiful portraits happen behind the scenes. While every baby has its own unique personality and features, nothing works better than capturing that. Their smile, half-asleep eyes, yawning, cries…. Try capturing these and cherish them.

Try these ideas today itself, since you don’t have to miss capturing your innocent, tiny little cuteness at any cost. Capture and cherish all of that for a lifetime. Tell us in the comments below which one you are going to try!

PS: Photographs are owned by respective creators.

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