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Our Top Picks from Payal Keyal’s ‘The White Mughals’ collection that Screams Royalty

For the vintage-lover, the modern maximalist, the hopeless romantic, and beyond.

Simply put, I am a huge fan of Payal Keyal’s range of bridal couture. Deeply rooted Ethnic design philosophies perfectly blended with modernity in a manner like none other.  Every Payal Keyal attire is unique and has a persona that fits its wearer. Whether you are the bride or the bride’s sister, she will never fail to amaze you. 

The Payal Keyal label has won over quite a few heartbeats in a really short span of time. Her attires showcase her eloquent talent of redefining grace and beauty. With choicest hues, exclusive designs, and intricate detailing Payal Keyal brings life to every outfit and ignites the fashion diva within. Ahead, get a glimpse of her most coveted Bridal lehengas emphasizing on indigenous craftsmanship and royal shades of Indian cultures. Take cues from these lehengas to plan an unmatchable look for your D-Day.

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