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Planning an Intimate wedding? Don’t forget the most fun thing about weddings. Yes, we are talking about food!

Nom Nom… Make sure that’s the sound most enjoyed at your wedding.

We are going to be honest with you, the most tempting thing about Indian weddings is FOOD. We have all attended weddings only for the sake of FREE FOOD!!! That’s one truth we cannot deny. So why change that if the guest list is now shorter? In fact, all the more reason to have a lavish spread fit for the celebration. Make sure that the ones who make it to the wedding in person, are licking their fingers.

Read up these easy-peasy food options for your wedding festivity.

Meine besten Rezepte Besseres Wurstgericht 66 Kochrezepte 6 Essen Trinken
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FINGER FOOD: Remember while you are eagerly waiting for the buffet to start, and the waiter comes with a handful of appetizers floating around the venue? Finger food is perfect while your guests are chit-chatting, a couple of easy to eat food will be excellent.

A few options that will be an instant hit amongst your guests are Mozzarella Sticks, Spinach Tarts, Vegetable Cigars, Gol Gappa Shots, Open Sandwiches, Stuffed Mushrooms, Flat Bread Pizza, Chicken Popcorn, Pin Wheels, Sliders, and Deviled Eggs to name a few.

9 Everyday Indian Meals Recipe Ideas Vegetarian Indian Thali Menu
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ENTRÉE: Make sure to have more options for the first course and less for Entrée, for this course stick to delicious and comfort food like Biryani, Khowsuey, Pan Tossed Noodles, Dal Bukhara, Indian Bread, Kofta Curry, Mix Veg Curry, Risotto, Pasta, and other commonly consumed dishes.

ACCOMPANIMENTS: Go all out in accompaniments, pick from Papads, Chatni, Dips, Salad, and Pickles. A cheese platter will also be a fantastic addition.

Custom Solid Wood Bar Menu or Food Menu for Wedding Anniversary or Party
Source: Pinterest

DESSERTS: We are talking about Indian Weddings, how can we not have a widespread of dessert for “Shagun Ka Muh Meetha”. You can get experimental with an assortment of Indian Mithai, Ice-creams, Customized Wedding Cookies, Cake Pops, Macarons, and, you see the list is never-ending. In fact, put a Dessert Bar and trust us you and your guests will enjoy every bite from this drool-worthy Dessert Bar.

Want to brain-storm more on your wedding menu? Chat with our team of Gourmet experts here.

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