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Love the skin you are in!

Fall my friends is just six weeks away. Being stuck at home for over 5 months now, it’s time when we start doing justice to our beauty, diet or fitness regime. Many are trying to make their bodies perfectly fit by embarking on various wellness regimes. So, what’s the first thought that pops into your head when you read the word ‘skin’?

For most of us, it’s our skin issues—and why not? It’s the largest and most visible organ of the body. While there are plenty of home remedies, and “skin diets” that claim to lead to brighter and healthier skin, here to guide you in your journey to beautiful skin is the celebrity dermatologist, Dr Apratim Goel. She is the founder and medical director of cutis.in — a clinic designed to get you naturally beautiful skin, both inside and out. We interviewed Dr Goel to unveil the secrets to younger-looking, supple skin. Here’s a look at the most frequently asked skincare questions:

QUESTION: What can brides do to maintain a strict beauty regime ?

ANSWER: Clean eating coupled with a basic CTM routine is a must for all the girls out there. You can also incorporate the use of eye creams and retinol-based serums to your night care routine. Remember, when using retinol, you need to include sunscreen into your beauty regimen.

QUESTION: What can you do for oily and dry scalp?

ANSWER: Don’t oil your hair as your scalp already has a layer of oil. You can massage with oil but it doesn’t promote hair growth. Hence, It’s better to take oil in your diet rather than applying on hair. I would recommend serum over oil as they are more protein-based and have silicon that reduces friction in hair, making your hair shine with less breakage.





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QUESTION : What are the ways to treat elbow skin darkness ?

ANSWER: You can apply DIY exfoliators like a banana peel on the affected area OR you can make papaya and coffee exfoliator, grind both papaya and coffee and rub it in a circular motion to get rid of dead skin. Always put sunblocks before leaving your house and keep your arms covered when stepping out during the day.

QUESTION : What are the best remedies for tan removal ?

ANSWER: Start using Sunblock, check your vitamin B12 intake and start taking oral glutathione. Here’s a home remedy to reduce tan: soak full masoor dal in water and leave it overnight, grind it to form a paste. Mix it with 1 tbsp. of rice flour. Apply it over tanned areas as this mixture helps in getting brighter skin.




QUESTION: Which product can be used to smoothen out bumpy skin texture?

ANSWER: You can use retinol, retino micro, U-guard or reti age night cream. Always apply sunscreen to avoid further pigmentation. 

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QUESTION – How to detect the root cause of your hair problem ?

Answer – You’ll need to take up a couple of tests of your ferritin levels, vitamin b3d12. It can also be due to hormonal fluctuation during periods 


Hairrevive, Keraglo Eva & hairmax

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QUESTION -how to overcome dark circles and puffy eyes ?

ANSWER–  One of the major causes of dark circles. can be improper sleep, diet or it can be hereditary. Dark circles can be cured through fillers while puffy eyes are because of water retention. One of the DIY hacks to deal with dark circles is: Take some potato juice in a cotton pad and put it on the affected area as it will help lighten the dark circle 


Eyelift ,FAIRC

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 SOME ORAL GLUTATHIONE – Fairlite,cosmotos.

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ANSWER – Yes, It’s best when mixed with haldi and sandalwood 


Take a handful of roses and neem leaves. Boil it till the water level comes to half. Add a pinch of Haldi to the solution. Freeze the solution in an ice tray. Use the ice cubes to massage your skin before makeup or in the morning. This will help brighten and tighten your skin.

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