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Oh, so beautiful!

Instagram-worthy pictures call for a stunning mandap decor. We turned to the most inspiring collections and of-the-moment decors ideas for hints on what colour combinations your beach, garden, or destination wedding should steal.

COVID-19 has many brides postponing their summer weddings for late in autumn/winter 2020, and into 2021; but, that doesn’t mean we can’t consider our favourite new decor ideas for summer weddings to use for celebrations to come. After all, when it comes time for (celebratory) gatherings and (destination) travel, weddings will be back in full force in a wide range of climates. Consider the fresh, bold, and delicate takes on the colour that the summer months inspire, no matter when your upcoming nuptials may fall.

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Image: Amritphotography
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Image: Bridesofsabyasachi
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Image: Kaleereinbykanikakumria
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Image: vowsandtales
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Image: Studiordp.in
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Image: Momney_lisha
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Image: Excitingepisodesevent
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Image: Elegant.affairs
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Image: Gurleenmpuri
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Image: theweddingsalad
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Image: aroosi.events
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Image: Hitchedandclicked

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