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The kitchen is literally our war zone. And who likes to spend more time in a war zone? Then what keeps you stuck in your kitchen all day long?

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Yes, it’s time to upgrade your kitchen gadgets which can reduce kitchen time significantly. It’s high time you should convert your kitchen time to leisure time. Thinking this will be expensive? Oh No! meri jaan, it will cost you less than Rs.250! No way! 

Lets me line up five rare, must-have kitchen gadgets you could get for under Rs.250 only:

Multifunctional Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket 

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Click on the image to buy

Easy to Install this kitchen sink strainer basket also acts as a kitchen shelf for storing dishes and food. Utilising the sink space efficiently, this multi-purpose basket comes in handy to strain food particles thus making the sink tidy.

Price: Rs. 205/-

Multi-Purpose Grip Jar & Bottle Opener

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Click on the image to buy

Did you know, all the bottle caps are a design flaw? Albeit used mostly by women, you need your husband to open them. No worries, this opener may save you.

This opener is fit for any size of the jar, cap, lid, seal, tab, or top. One of the user-friendly and efficient gadgets it eliminates rags, knives, banging, hot water and other unnecessary opening methods.

Price: Rs. 229/-

2 in 1 Vegetable & Fruit Multi Cutter & Peeler

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Click on the image to buy

This 5x vegetable cutter comes with unique 45mm radius round blades for better performance. It easily cuts veggies and fruits in lesser time than usual. Also featuring a peeler that can save you time and energy without any fuss.

Price: Rs. 211/-

Dry Fruit Cutter and Slicer


Click on the image to buy

We all are done with cutting hard dry fruits! Thanks to this invention, this dry fruit cutter comes with a non-detachable stainless steel blade which can slice off dry fruits so easily. 

Price: Rs. 199/-

Filter Spoon and Clip New Design Kitchen Fried Gadget 

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Click on the image to buy

Now tell me, if you are someone who uses a spoon and as a strainer to take out fried items from oil? Count me in. But I found this amazing 2-in-1 stainless steel filter spoon and clip gadget, a revolutionary one with a sleek design.

Price: Rs. 211/-

Although the kitchen is not a gender-specific space, unfortunately, we are mostly in it. But, not fair! Ladies we need to steal time for ourselves. For our passions, our job, leisure and many more. We hope these gadgets will save you time and energy so that you can invest them for your growth and tranquillity.

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See you guys with yet another interesting topic, till then comment below with your valuable feedback. More power to you my wonder women!


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