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Netflix has been on fire when it comes to series and movies, and for this year they have some very interesting concepts! So to all the TV shows and movies binge watchers, this is for you!

The first are the drama, violence, romance, and thriller series!


When was the last time you saw a good love triangle story in a drama? 

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This is an interesting love tale between three people which includes action, drama and romance. It’s  a story about a guy named Vikrant, an engineering graduate who desperately wants to leave his hometown to get successful and have a beautiful life with his girlfriend Shikha. But unfortunately Vikrant becomes an unwanted object of desire to the town politician’s daughter Purva and is caught up between a woman who loves him and a woman who desires him!

This story has a very interesting take on obsessive love, ( although if love is called harassment!) Vikrant comes to a phase where he wants revenge from Purva but no matter how hard he tries he couldn’t get out of Purva’s clutches and with these struggles he had no idea what was coming to him!!

This is a good recommendation for the people who love the unexpected twists and turns in a love story. It’s your call now either steam it or skip it!


Always wanted a fantasy drama where a knight would save you from beasts and monsters and had a mysterious destiny in his future?

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“The witcher” is a polish american fantasy drama created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich for Netflix. The Witcher is a dark-fantasy action adventure series set in a world of monsters and men: where at times monsters show more heart than man and man proves to be more vile than monsters.

Started as a series of polish novels in the early 90′s (or late 80’s — I am not totally sure), it gained global attention in 2007 with the release of the game The Witcher.

This series includes drama, fantasy, war and romance, a must watch for people who love dark fantasy! The story is about two different worlds, one is filled with magic and one is filled with  human beings. Geralt of Rivia is a witcher, a mutant with special powers who kills monsters for money to protect humans. On the other side in the human world Cintra and Nilfgaard get in a war and the only hope to save humans is by The Witcher. Geralt and the princess of Cintra, Cirilla share a destiny and if the destiny is not fulfilled there will be chaos in the world.

It is a very interesting and unique fantasy tale with a lot of twists and turns, worth watching for the people who love fiction!

To find out how the princess and the witcher share a destiny together and how they fulfill it with all their struggles watch the show now!!!

Whilst we are watching a lot of fantasizing series, movies are also taking a good turn in terms of romance, comedy and fantasy! Here are some suggestions of movies to watch this week:


How long has it been since you’ve watched a great fantasy adventure movie?

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Dr. Doolittle is a story by Robert Downey. JR (Dr. Dolittle) is a doctor who treats animals and humans, the Dr has his own land filled with different creatures, while we think that is beautiful he has a sad past of loving his wife when she went for an adventure and hence stopped doing his job. 

He then comes in contact with the queen of England’s daughter Lady Rose and a young boy belonging to the family of a hunter, which apparently takes him to an adventure with the young boy and his epic creatures to complete the task his wife couldn’t complete so that the queen could be healed!

Sir Robert has done a wonderful job in this movie and while we say it’s fantasy it is a family friendly movie which makes it a movie you should 100% see because it will make you feel good.

It’s still your call to watch it or not!


What could be better than the king of comedy releasing a movie himself! 

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The movie title speaks for itself, and makes it clear that if you’re watching this you’re in for a HUMOUR RIDE!!

This movie is basically Kapil telling “I’m not done yet”.  From the liquid courage behind his tweets to the sobering realities of making it in Mumbai, Kapil’s pouring his heart out – with a heavy glug of humor, which is completely “UNFILTERED AND FULL OF FUN”

A must watch show for the people having a bad day, are bored or just want to laugh. This is it people watch this and aapka dil garden garden hojayega!

That’s a wrap everyone! It’s a good start for the week to kill your BOREDOM! And for a fact these shows and movies will give you all the emotions on the list. I wish you a thrilling weekend! See you on the next one!

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