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Navratri has arrived, which means it’s time to choose attire that will make you seem sophisticated and stunning. Nine nights of getting dressed up and going out for dancing and puja sounds like a lot of fun, but it quickly becomes a chore when you have to choose the clothes for each day. So, for Navratri 2022, I decided to assist you by creating a style guide. So get ready to look like the princess you are with no effort on your part and leave your house looking stunning every single day.

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Chaitra is the first month of Hindu calendar and so people celebrate New Year day on the first day of worship. It is also known as Ugadi, Gudi Padwa.

Navratri is celebrated twice in a year by the Hindus. First one is celebrated on the arrival of summer and the second one, on the advent of winter. The customs and rituals observed during this festival are almost the same as observed during the Navratri celebrated on the onset of winter.

Chaitra Navratri is one of the famous festivals of Hindus, which is celebrated for nine days and this year falls on April 2nd. Devotees worship Goddess Durga, who is known for strength and power and seek blessings from her so that they can fight wrong things in life without compromising their morale. So, without further ado, and putting my “Fashion Degree” to use, let’s glam you up for Navratri 2022: 

  1. Bold Accessories:
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Accessories can completely alter the appearance and effect of your outfit. There is no compelling reason to wear the traditional footwear, sacks,maang tikkas or adornments on Chaitra Navratri. With your choice of accessories, go bold and trendy. Simply ensure that you pick viable accessories; after all, you don’t need a huge pack to overload you in this hot humid season when offering your prayers to the Goddesses. 

  1. Get Vibrant: 

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Choose brilliant hues like electric pink, orange, yellow, emerald green, and red in lighter materials like georgette, crepe, and paper silk to make it easy to move around. The pattern metre shows that it is a period of substantial pullovers over simple bottoms, giving you the green light to go for chikankari kurtas with zardosi. Even better, you can try on a readymade woven or chiffon pullover that will go with the majority of your saris. With a big attire, keep your stones light and insignificant. Pair lengthy Kundan, meenakari, or gold studs to catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Keep it light: 

Even on a windy day, no matter how much you enjoy accessorising or taking it a step farther with heavy embroidery, keep the season in mind. Let’s face it: it’s April, and the humidity is at an all-time high. Fabrics such as linen, georgette, chifon, crepe, and organza can be paired with silk junk jewellery, rajasthani jutis, and printed dupattas. Also, avoid wearing high heels because carrying the thalis about and running like Jaya Bacchan from K3G becomes tough.

  1. Fusion Maybe? 

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It’s a magnificent thing when traditional and modern lifestyles collide to create something spectacular. Fashion experts advise you to do something unusual by transforming your ordinary cotton and silk saris into a distinctive ensemble with the help of broad belts, heavy oxidised jewellery, long shrugs, and denim jackets. If you are a seasoned diva who wishes to enchant everyone, why wear your saris in a monotonous manner? Simply add a belt to the centre of the sari and go for large metal and rusty rubbish adornments. Collect a lot of them because you’re going for a lighter texture in a sari. This will go well with your overall festive style.

  1. Sparkle it Up! 

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The classic lehenga and choli are generally embellished with colourful beads, mirror work, needlework, or shells. While mirror work is highly trendy these days, gota patti work in silver or gold is also a terrific option. Pearls, Swarovski crystals, and coloured stones also look lovely. When utilised in a dupatta, skirt, or choli, various dying effects such as bandhani, lahariya, and tie-dye appear incredibly elegant.

And, since off-shoulders are back in style, you might wear an off-shoulder choli with a long tail lehenga. This will appear both fashionable and traditional.

  1. Don’t forget your face: 

No matter how gleaming and goddess-like your attire is, the first thing people notice when you enter a room is your face (and hair), and I’m sure you don’t want your “Palat moment” to be drenched in perspiration. To avoid this, wear waterproof makeup with a light base because you may sweat a lot when running errands. Make your eyes pop with smokey makeup, but keep your lips basic with a delicate pink or peach lip colour. A decent hairstyle is essential in this situation, so avoid leaving your hair simply open. 

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Choose a fishtail braid, antique curls, or a pouffe bun. Alternately, you can perform a side French with your hair open. If you’re feeling very daring, you can even dye your hair red or create an ombre effect for a fun and unique look.

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As much as I dread the fact that there are no Dandiya nights on this cycle of Navratri, it does represent the beginning of the New Year according to Hindu custom, and I don’t see why one should miss out on 9 DAYS of new year celebrations! So, decorate your home, throw thrilling parties, and dance all night during this holiday season. But, while you’re still in the holiday spirit, make sure you turn heads every time you dress up for an event!

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    March 28, 2022

    Colourful and vibrant..let’s welcome positivity

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