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A recent sensation in the fitness industry is at-home gyms. Setting a gym at your home saves the gym travel back and forth, the overpriced membership and most importantly the lame excuses we make to get our bodies moving. 

If you’re wondering how to set up a home gym, check out the blog attached: 

BUT…if you are a beginner who does not wish to pinch your pockets by investing in a home gym, we got you covered! 


There’s no such mandate as to work out with various types of equipment. You can still stretch your muscle and work on your dream body with just an exercise mat and even things around your house like a chair, bench, etc.

Here’s a list of the 8 best at-home exercises that are both beginner friendly and do not require fancy gym equipment.

  1. Squats
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  • Stand straight and keep your feet shoulder-wide apart 
  • Pull your shoulders back and keep your lower back straight 
  • Bend your knees and lower down your hips.

No of reps: 12-15 in three sets.

  1. Lunges
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  • Loosen your shoulders and stand up straight.
  • Put a leg forward and thrust your hip down
  • Make sure the knee angle while bent is at a 90-degree angle.
  • Rest your body weight on the heel of your foot. 

No of reps: 10-12 in two sets.

  1. Donkey kicks
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  • Position yourself on a mat with your face up, palms on your side and knee bent on the floor.
  • Lift your leg and push it out by exerting force on your heel.
  • Bring your leg back down to the mat and repeat.

No of reps: 10-12 in 2-4 sets on each leg.

  1. Plank
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  • Place your forearms and toes on the floor with your face down.
  • Make sure your elbows are under your shoulders with your forearms parallel to each other.
  • Lower your body in a straight line alignment.

Start with a 20-30 sec plank.

  1. Bicycle crunch
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  • Lie flat on the mat with your hands behind your head.
  • With your left leg straight and lifted a bit, bend your right knee sideways towards your chest. 
  • Alternate the legs and repeat. 

No of reps: 10-15 in two sets

  1. Jumping jacks
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  • Stand straight with your hands at your sides.
  • Jump and spread your feet while extending your arms over your head.

Start with a set of 10 jumping jacks.

  1. Bird dog 
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  • Position yourself on a mat with your shoulder blades together.
  • Point an arm out in the front while extending the opposite leg and keeping your back straight.

No. of reps: 8-12 in three sets.

  1. Pushups
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  • Place yourself on a mat with your face down and placing your hands shoulder width apart.
  • Slowly bend your elbows and thrust your body towards the ground.
  • Once your face almost touches the floor, push back up. 

No of reps: 5-6 in two sets. 

Embark on your home workout journey with these basic exercises. Be consistent and get that body movin’. Trust me when I say the sweat will pay off. 

If you are interested in cardio workouts without equipment at home, take a look at the blog attached:

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