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If you’ve ever sat at your desk and thought to yourself, “ugh, I hate this,” you can blame it on your birthday (kind of). Your zodiac sign, like all aspects of your life, has an impact on the things you value in a career—and, naturally, what path may be best for you.

 Not everyone hits the ground running and knows exactly what they want to do with their life and career from the start. Being a ‘late-bloomer’ isn’t always a bad thing: you appreciate your opportunities more, you bring experience rather than just enthusiasm, and you learn what you DON’T like doing.iDVIg6RDZ5e0Sc9ZxtR4 M4VI3CgFja1LGhDCWJrOUiS29NO7zFwMQjCKEWrOqz9FbBGbvS2ZOd52PdqxnebRfeKnhyN7Lz9LOqpNIc5 MgbKyG8tji1BEtN21h6UgWXIfu1oJ2TB6Xq4IMahg

Not sure what you want to do with your life? Are you unsure of your professional abilities? Maybe you’re bored with your current job, or you’re wondering if it’s even the right fit for you. And, to be honest, how are you supposed to know? If you’re looking to start the next chapter of your career, you could take a cue from your astrological reading.  It may reveal more about your abilities and talents than you think…

Authoritative Aries (March 21–April 19)

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Aries are natural-born leaders, and as such, they have a natural ability to translate their authority into being one badass boss. But be warned: You’re not the best at working for a boss because micromanagement and restrictions irritate you. Don’t worry, Aries—you’ll be at the top in no time…as long as you finish what you start. You start a lot of projects, but you don’t finish many of them on your own. That’s where a good, supportive group of friends or colleagues comes in: they can run with your bold ideas.

Ideal jobs include: Anything to do with competition or physicality appeals to you. Consider working as an outdoor guide, personal trainer, athlete, or for a sports organisation. And, as previously stated, a CEO or other management professional isn’t far away—you enjoy being in charge and perform best when you can offer your expertise to a support team to execute.

Money-minded Taurus (April 20–May 20)


Taurus employees are grounded and practical as workers, making you ideal in the workplace because you can transition from leader to follower in any situation. However, you are more naturally inclined to lead by example—your hard work and dedication make you a great team player, though your stubborn nature can be a little off-putting, so you’ll need to pick your battles when it comes to projects and workplace conflicts.

Ideal jobs include: You’ll thrive in an environment that rewards tenacity and dedication, as one of the most dependable and hardworking signs. Jobs such as flower arranging, food-industry jobs, and luxury sales provide Taurus with two things they value the most: beautiful things and a consistent routine. Taurus is also great with money and practical financial advice, which makes them ideal for banking and finance careers.

The genius of Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Geminis thrive in fast-paced, stimulating environments that provide variety and the opportunity to interact with a wide range of things—people, applications, environments, you get the idea. You can move through anything quickly but beware: if you are not given a diverse task list, you will quickly become bored. Just make sure you don’t end up in a monotonous work environment, and you’ll be fine.

Ideal careers: Anything that requires relaying information and keeping up with a variety of topics is ideal for Gemini, so teaching and communications are ideal. Because you’re mentally active and enjoy processing many different aspects of a project, being a sort of go-between would also work well—think PR and publicity or project manager.

Caring Cancer (June 21–July 22)

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Cancers are the most traditional, nurturing sign of the zodiac, so they like to lead by example and are comfortable with responsibility. You are, by definition, a caregiver, so any job that allows you to give advice and solve problems to make everyone happy is ideal. You don’t do well in jobs where you can’t see your work making a difference or producing results, whether with people or the bottom line, so make sure you’re getting the motivation you need from your managers through regular check-ins or reports.

Ideal careers: Cancers make excellent nannies and childcare workers, but they also make excellent social workers, human resource employees, lawyers, teachers, and executives. Healthcare and wellness are also important and vital components of this sign, so anything in those fields, such as being a dietitian or nutritionist, will be right up your alley.

Follow the Leo (July 23–August 22)

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Leos crave attention and exposure, but not always in a “look at me” kind of way; you simply enjoy inspiring others to be their best. Teaching and politics are natural fits for the lion, and they make excellent bosses once they have won over their team. (Leos have a tendency to be high-maintenance and can frequently disrupt team environments, but your charm and good nature usually win everyone over in the end.)

Ideal careers: As previously stated, teaching and politics are excellent choices for you, but anything that involves entertaining others—such as acting, music, film work, or even costume design—can also pique your interest. You’re also a magnetic leader, so CEO and director positions aren’t far away for Leo.

Eagle-eyed Virgo (August 23–September 22)

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Virgo is a perfectionist who is always willing to help others. You’re a natural follower who is compassionate and considerate of others, and you take direction well. As a boss, you’re practical and protective, while also expecting the best from your employees. You have a tendency to be hard on yourself—harder than anyone else—so you need to be reminded from time to time not to get caught up in the details. You are, in essence, the ideal employee.

Ideal occupations: Virgos have incredible memories, and their perfectionism means they can deal with large amounts of information and know what to do when emotions are high. They excel in the service and care industries—as servers, shop owners, front-desk employees, and therapists—as well as anything that requires extensive research or statistics—think fact-checker and editor, technician, translator, or detective.

The Libra Arts (September 23–October 22)

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Libras are social and skilled at bringing people together, so you make an excellent mediator both in and out of the office. Reading people and understanding their motivations comes naturally to you, and you can often use this to your advantage in any job or career field—think diplomat, assistant, translator, broker, salesperson, and so on.

Ideal jobs include: Law enforcement and justice, as represented by the scales of justice, are natural fits for you. Because you’re a people person at heart, working with others is essential to your happiness—consider hospitality, customer service, diplomats, travel agents, and even a wedding planner.

Soulful Scorpio (October 23–November 21)


No one can keep a secret quite like you, Scorpio, and that’s something you can use in your career as you are placed in positions requiring discretion. You thrive in the midst of intelligence organisations, top-level or secret negotiations, or handling confidential documents or extremely valuable goods. You also enjoy a challenge and like to investigate, and your intensity is legendary, which can work in a variety of fields but definitely lends itself best to things that others would avoid, such as surgery or medicine, or being the first on the scene of a crime as a forensic detective.

Ideal occupations: As previously stated, you would be at home in the operating room or as a secret agent, as well as working in crisis management (things that require a high level of secrecy) like a real-life Olivia Pope. You’re also very good at resource management and logistics, and you’d make an excellent chief financial officer.

Searching Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)


Sagittarius have a talent for conversing with others, motivating others, working hard as a team player, adapting to change, and encouraging others to enjoy their jobs. Translation? When it comes to working, you’re pretty good at everything. Many careers will be suitable for you—as long as you are not restricted by hierarchy and a plethora of rules.

Ideal careers: Because you enjoy travelling and learning from people from all over the world, any job in the travel industry, as well as any job that includes travel as a significant part of the job—think consulting or tourism—is a good fit. Because you enjoy motivating others, you’d make an excellent teacher, youth programme leader, or volunteer for a non-profit.

Corporate Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

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Capricorns are serious, pragmatic, and organized—but not dull. You have the charisma and energy to lead a group. You’re not intimidated or irritated by the authority because you know that with hard work, ambition, and dedication, you, too, can reach the top. Which, in general, is your ultimate goal, regardless of where you land. Capricorns are notorious workaholics, so make time for other interests.

Capricorns run a tight ship, Ideal careers include managers or administrators in a variety of career paths or companies. Your production and administrative skills are among the best in the industry, and you thrive in corporate environments with established hierarchies that allow you to “achieve” the next rung on the ladder. Because you’re a stickler for details, you’d also make an excellent engineer, architect, or design-related employee.

Adaptable Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

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Aquarians are truly free thinkers. But don’t mistake this for a flighty attitude—they’re hardworking, albeit with an out-of-the-box attitude (e.g., you’ll tackle a project in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep, only to want to nap in the middle of the day because you “did the work”). You’re social but also a bit of a loner, which allows you to work well in groups as well as on your own. You have a tendency to come up with ideas that are initially thought to be “wacky” before being deemed “brilliant,” and you never state the “obvious”—which makes you bad in project discussions because you’re always two steps ahead of everyone else. Your unusual methods can be quite appealing to those who enjoy being near your personal brand of creative genius. Not everyone will “get” you.

Ideal careers include science or technology (if you can experiment with new theories or applications), graphic design or photography, and even project management—if you can experiment with new ways of doing things. You’re also an excellent entrepreneur or independent contractor because you defy corporate culture and prefer to work on your own schedule.

Imaginative Pisces (February 19–March 20)

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When it comes to the workplace, Pisces are as adaptable as they come—you’re not concerned with proving yourself to others, you’re only concerned with doing your best. You can work in a variety of fields, but you are generally happiest when you find work that allows you to express your sensitive, healing side. You are compassionate and highly intuitive, which makes you ideal for fields that are both healing and restorative, such as the arts and medicine.

Ideal careers: Anything related to healthcare, where you can help others, is a good fit. Consider a nurse, doctor, physical therapist, psychologist, and so on. You also excel in the arts, such as dance and music.

Now that I’ve given you so many career options based on your zodiac sign pick your favourite and start working towards your dreams. It’s never too late to start or change a career path. Just make sure whatever you pick makes you HAPPY!! 

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