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After almost two years of the dreadful pandemic, the fashion industry is making a comeback. From Runway shows to the Grammy Awards, there’s nothing holding our beloved celebrities back and without much blabber, I am going to get you right into the best of Fashion that was on display this 64th Grammy Awards. 

Red carpet events highlight a wide range of fashion trends, from fairytale gowns to gothic gowns. We just got a glimpse of the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony, which came after a long string of headline-making events in the previous quarter. For the first time, the event was held in Las Vegas, and attendees dressed in traditional colours and unique silhouettes.

Normally, the Grammys are an event where fashion norms do not apply. Music’s biggest night features a red carpet procession of provocative gowns, tongue-in-cheek ensembles, and viral efforts. The event’s outrageous spirit makes for a fun pre-show, but 2022’s visitors looked eager to defy expectations. The celebrities that arrived on Las Vegas’ legendary MGM Grand casino embraced a level of glitz that would have been appropriate during the Rat Pack era. Lady Gaga led the way, clad in a black and white Armani Privé gown with a lengthy train and heaps of Tiffany & Co. diamonds.

  1. Paris Hilton in Atelier Zuhra 

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Paris Hilton just had to take home the award for the cheekiest accessory at the Grammy Awards ceremony, and we would gladly give it to her. Nicola Formichetti dressed the reality star-turned-silver entrepreneur’s Atelier Zuhra gown as she sashayed into the MGM Grand. Still, Hilton’s showpiece was her one-of-a-kind martini handbag. It was adequately blingy, with 3,404 Swarovski crystals covering it, but it also functioned as a completely functional flask. That feeling of levity set seems like Hilton’s apart, but you don’t have to be a superstar to carry a piece as valuable as the martini flask bag. Dundas’ design, which will soon be available via NFT on DressX, will be available to everybody in the metaverse, where customers will be able to purchase a virtual version of it.

  1. Dua Lipa in Versace
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Dua Lipa knows how to make a statement on the red carpet. The music icon took a detour from her international Future Nostalgia Tour to attend the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, where she wore a gorgeous black vintage Versace gown with Bulgari High Jewelry accessories. The stunning bondage gown featured a translucent mesh bodice with black straps and gold hardware, a style first seen on the runway of the Italian fashion brand in 1992 and previously worn by Cindy Crawford. The clincher? Lipa heightened the drama by finishing the look with what looks to be a platinum blonde wig.

  1. Snoh Aalegra in Versace
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Snoh Aalegra donned a custom Atelier silver metal mesh dress fashioned around an internal corset that took 800 hours to complete. The cutaway parts at the legs and arms are finished with frayed mesh, chain, and crystals.

  1. Kourtney in Et Ochies & Travis in Givenchy 

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Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker have graced us with their presence on the red carpet yet again. Kardashian wore a black jumpsuit that flared at the bottom and had waist cuts from Et Ochs’s fall/winter 2022 collection, along with black sheer gloves and matching heels, to the 2022 Grammys in Las Vegas. Her hair had been pulled back into a ponytail. Meanwhile, the Blink-182 drummer wore a hot pink coat over a black Givenchy vest, slacks, and shoes.

  1. Doja Cat in Versace

Doja Cat is up for eight Grammy Awards in 2022, and she came on the red carpet in a transparent, sea foam-colored Versace gown, looking like Grammy royalty.

The off-the-shoulder gown is encrusted with crystals and has a corseted bodice. She wore it with similar platform heels and diamond jewellery, but the most unusual item was her Coperni glass purse packed with candies. Her spiked bleach blonde hair, evocative of Gwen Stefani and Pink, was right at home with other Y2K fashion cues on the carpet, including Olivia Rodrigo’s choker necklace.

  1. Rachel Zeglar in Dior

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Rachel Zegler is *slaying* her first awards season with the help of the same designer. The West Side Story star donned custom Dior Haute Couture in a glittering, scintillating periwinkle grey for her maiden voyage down the Grammys red carpet. The sheer panelled gown is a fresh spin on a style that debuted on the Dior runway in a less saturated shade of tan. While the gown’s skirt was extremely sheer on the runway, Zegler chose a more filled-out design with more filled-in tulle for greater covering from the waist down.

  1. Jared Leto in Gucci 

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Jared Joseph Leto, the former Thirty Seconds to Mars singer, wore an awe-inspiring Gucci ensemble to the 2022 Grammys red carpet. The singer wore a black self-designed bulky long coat with an embellished sheer black blouse with a plunging neckline. The sleeves of the all-black jacket were covered with white and brown fur.

  1. Lady Gaga in Giorgio Armani 
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Lady Gaga’s red carpet Armani gown was toned down and painted an elegant picture on the red carpet, despite her generally out-of-the-box looks. She accessorised her gown with Tiffany & Co. statement jewels, including a diamond necklace and matching earrings. Gaga’s blonde hair was tied back into an elegant bun, and her manicured white nails completed the I Get a Kick Out of You singer’s outfit for the evening.

It’s just the beginning of the awards season and all the celebrities are leaving no stones unturned, from Paris Hilton to Kourtney & Travis, everyone aced the show and how. While Versace most definitely stole the show, following this, I anticipate designers’ creative juices flowing for the much-anticipated MET Gala in May.

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