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While you’re busy deciding on a million details for your bridal appearance, we’ll take care of one: your bridal hairstyle.

Just as a bride’s lehenga and makeup are vital aspects of her overall appearance, so is her hairstyle. On her wedding day, a bride’s hair should be flawless. Even if you’re not the bride, you want great hair, so desiring it when you’re the bride is a given. For the wedding day, most Indian hair stylists recommend a bun. It aids in pinning the dupatta to the top of the head and provides the desired height and volume. Brides with short hair, on the other hand, should not despair. Short hair is very elegant and trendy, and there are so many ways to style it. 


With so many possibilities for Indian bridal hairstyles available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. So, whether you go full-on bridal with a single/double dupatta or more bride-chilla with a floral tiara or other hair accessories, you’ll need an equally exquisite wedding hairdo to go with it.

So if you’re a bride who wishes to rock her hair and inspire future brides with #hairgoals, here are a few bridal hairstyles that you must try. In fact, we have some lovely suggestions not just for the bride, but for the bridesmaids and her close family as well.

  1. The Classic Fishtail 

Sonam Kapoor’s sloppy braid that reached her buttocks and that she wore for her mehendi was unquestionably a game changer and a trailblazer. These days it is now to be seen on a lot of brides! It was a very traditional Indian bridal hairdo, with a long fishtail braid and a lot of mogras.

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Preferred Face Shapes: Suits all face shapes, especially if you have long, silky hair.

Best Outfits to Try: Traditional Silk Sarees with gold temple jewellery.

Suitable Occasions: Bridal ceremony, Pre-wedding Rituals.

  1. Messy Buns 

These sloppy buns are ideal for both straight and curly haired ladies. These bridal hairstyles for curly hair are fantastic. The criss cross bun is a great way to amp your look and give it a modern touch. To get that fluffy look, just use a volumizing spray and start making the sections. Tie them up into a bun and for a change, use a feather hairpin. Use the same technique to create a layered effect on the crown. They are also the ideal way to beat the sweltering summer heat!

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Preferred Face Shapes: This bun looks amazing on round and heart face shapes.

Best Outfits to Try: Suits Christian Wedding Gowns, Cocktail Dress and Lehengas.

Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Reception and Night Receptions.

  1. The Dutch Bridal Bun 

If you’ve always wanted to try something different, this updo is for you! The captivating take on the classic Dutch bun gives us big hair goals. It may appear impossible to reproduce, but with the correct tools and hairspray, you can achieve the look in no time. Also, have a look at how one bride used purple buds instead of traditional flowers! She appears to be too gorgeous to be true, doesn’t she?


Preferred Face Shapes: Best for Oval and Square faces to highlight their features.

Best Outfits to Try: Light coloured silk or flowing sarees are good.

Suitable Occasions: Reception and formal wedding ceremony.

  1. Braided Roses with Loose Curls 

This hairstyle is nothing short of spectacular! This gorgeous Spring wedding reception hairstyle will have everyone’s attention drawn to you! Three Rose braids lay nicely on top of your hair in the upper half. Loose curls cascade from each of these blooms, giving the impression of a waterfall gushing from this lovely garden. Congratulations on the concept, ingenuity, and execution! Don’t forget about the beautiful flower accents to make it even better!

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Preferred Face Shapes: This style suits women with round, chubby and broad faces.

Best Outfits to Try: Wear it with a dreamy lehenga Dupatta set or a skirt and crop top.

Suitable Occasions: Mehendi parties, Reception and Friends Get-Togethers.

  1. The Cornrows Floral Braided Bun

This is the finest South Indian wedding hairstyle, and the African women’s Cornrows style influences this innovative braided bun! The braid is given greater volume and lift instead than being kept very tight and to-the-roots. A lovely braid is created by combining 4 to 5 braids and adorning it with the nicest flowers in town. You may even pair it with a golden Maatha Patti to look both ethnic and trendy!

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Preferred Face Shapes: Looks amazing on round and square face shapes.

Best Outfits to Try: Try it on an embroidered Bridal Lehenga!

Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Reception and Bridal Shower.

  1. Beach waves with Bubble Braid

This look is a sure-fire method to steal the show and steal the spotlight! It has the everlasting bubble braid in the central part. The remainder of the hair is curled to create these gorgeous beach waves that are difficult to resist! Adding beautiful floral embellishments to your braid and a stunning hat on top brings out your genuine feminine charm!

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Preferred Face Shapes: Suits women with Round, heart and pear face shapes.

Best Outfits to Try: Cocktail Dresses and Pastel coloured Lehengas are suitable.

Suitable Occasions: This wedding guest hairstyle is the best for Reception and Wedding Dinner.

  1. The Front Puff

No matter how lovely your bun is, it’s critical to spend enough time on the front side. Instead of a boring centre part or plain backcombing, try out this puffy hairstyle. The goal is to add volume and bounce to your hair. Lift up the strands with reverse combing techniques, then finish with a sloppy Dutch braid. After you’ve finished this process, you may tie the rest of your hair into a gorgeous bun and decorate it with flowers. Add a statement Maangtika as a finishing touch!


Preferred Face Shapes: Best for round faces. Even women with big foreheads can try this out.

Best Outfits to Try: Breezy Organza and Netted Sarees, Light coloured Lehengas are apt.

Suitable Occasions: Reception, Mehendi and Sangeeth nights.

  1. Heavy Rose Bridal Bun

Remember Anushka Sharma’s beautiful Rose bun for her Italian wedding? Her hairstyle made the internet go crazy. You can try to recreate the idea by making this fantastic bun. Simply stock up on fresh roses and exquisite white star flowers to add a stunning touch. Wearing those necklaces backwards is a unique way to commemorate this stunning lady!

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Preferred Face Shapes: This bridal bun hairstyle suits any woman. However, work on the front area depending on the face shape.

Best Outfits to Try: Silk and Georgette Sarees, Pastel Lehengas are nice.

Suitable Occasions: Reception, Engagement and Wedding Days.

These are some of the best Indian bridal hairstyles to get ideas from! If you are unclear how to start with them, simply watch a YouTube instruction or, even better, pay a stylist! Using the correct tools and hair products, you can keep the style for a few hours. So you’ll have plenty of time to photograph it and show it off to your relatives and friends!

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