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We all have a separate skincare routine, hair care routine, and even a foot pampering session. But why do we leave a good body care routine out of the picture? – It is just as necessary as your other self-care regimens. A soap bar or body wash and rubbing lotion occasionally is not gonna do the trick. You need a proper skincare routine for your body to bring out its natural glow. 

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Here are a few steps that you can start with for the perfect body care routine and give your skin the love it deserves. 

1. Cleanse 

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Just like you start your facial skincare routine by cleansing your face before you begin to apply all the body care products, it is necessary that you take a bath. A long hot shower is not only therapeutic but also freshens up your body. Apart from cleansing your body, a good shower routine also adds a dose of hydration. Make sure you use a mild cleanser free of alcohol or a soap bar that is gentle on your skin and does not strip off natural oils. Set the right temperature of water and enjoy your shower! 

2. Exfoliate 

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Like every basic skincare routine that requires an exfoliation session once or twice a week, your body needs the same. It helps with warding off the dead cells that make your skin look dull and lifeless. When you carry out the exfoliation routine consistently, there are even chances that you can finally bid farewell to ingrown hairs as it unclogs your pores. A body exfoliator can either be physical or chemical, depending on your skin type. Choose the one according to your skincare concerns and clear the way for smoother, more refined skin. 

3. Shave 


When you shave your body hair, ensure that you use the right shaving cream. You can also go ahead with the waxing if that’s what you prefer. Removing hair from the body opens clogged pores and allows moisture to seep in effortlessly. Shaving also aids in boosting collagen content, thereby improving skin elasticity. But also bear in mind that it is not entirely necessary to remove body hair. If you are comfortable without shaving or waxing, it is completely okay. 

4. Moisturize 

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Exfoliation, waxing, or shaving can be a bit taxing on your skin. The right amount of moisture slathered on your skin will counteract the dehydration. Even after a regular shower, it is advisable to apply a generous amount of moisturiser to help out your dry and parched skin (hot showers strip the moisture off your skin). Pick out the right moisturiser or body lotion with preferable ingredients such as shea butter and other essential oils for best results. 

You can also incorporate body oils and serums into your routine. SPF is a must as always! 

Although you can improvise your routine further, these are the four major steps to be followed. Get your hands on the right products and then begin with the body care routine for a glowing and refreshed body. 

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