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Is there anything scarier in a girl’s life than a ghost? It’s a closet catastrophe! Unquestionably! Whereas everything in our lives may go perfectly, at the end of the day, most of us shamble around our bedrooms deciding what to wear and finally declaring, “I have nothing to wear!” Isn’t it a timeless classic? Because we are too busy to organise our wardrobes, our bedroom gradually begins to look scarier at night, and it becomes eerie at times because you can no longer find anything in the room! 

But first, I know what you’re thinking: Shouldn’t there be an easy way to organise my tiny closet? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here are four suggestions to help you organise your closet space.

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The first step in organising your wardrobe is to get rid of the clothes you won’t wear. By getting rid of it, I mean either donate or toss your belongings to someone else. It is not necessary to get rid of clothes only; you can always give away jewellery, shoes, accessories, and so on.

So take off your entire wardrobe and sort it into piles to label. One pile can be labelled “keep,” while the other is labelled “donate,” allowing you to clean your closet once before neatly organising it. It’s like shooting at two targets with one arrow!


Given that there are tiny spaces and there is a lot of stuff to keep in it is always a smart idea to have a dresser/ a drawer in your wardrobes, that way it gives you more storage to keep things and also is a neat way to create a division between them so that it looks more organised. There are two options here: buy the draws and install the shelves  (which will cost you around Rs. 2000-5000/- for a set of new drawers and shelves) or get creative and build your own draws using DIY’s.



Since you now know how to make dividers out of shelves and draws to increase storage space, you can always find an ideal way to keep your belongings outside the wardrobe as well, which is to use your wall spaces. There are always unnecessary racks and small spaces that we leave unused, so now you can use those racks to hold your jewellery boxes, or create hanger hooks to hold your accessories in the racks, and of course, you can use the racks as a small closet space as well!



DIY’s are lifesavers because they always provide us with a great way to create a loophole! You can even do this while organising your closet! We have divided our clothing into casual, formal, fancy, funky, and special occasion categories. Now, out of these five, the special occasion category is the one that we rarely wear, unless you’re a celebrity! Because we don’t wear those clothes very often, DIY vacuum sealing is the best way to keep them. This is a great way to store clothes that you won’t be wearing for a long time, as you can vacuum seal them and store them in the back of your closet until they’re needed again!


So there you have it, folks! These are a few pointers that have helped me. If you don’t have enough closet space, it will assist you in increasing it. Make your small closet look adorable, neat, and well-organised! So please let me know if these work as well as they have for me.

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