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Top Mangalsutras You Can Opt For, This Wedding Season

What is that one piece of jewellery that will be with you for the rest of your life? Let’s not make this a drill and get you gushing right away! It’s the mangalsutra, the soul of marriages, that stays with you forever and beyond, just like the pure bond of weddings. Well for one, it’s jewellery, and it’s the 22nd year of the twenty-first century; it’s bound to be trendy! For all the beautiful “to-be-brides” and those who want to resurrect their mundane mangalsutras, Goddess Parvati has descended today and handpicked the top ten mangalsutras that you can get this wedding season.

  1. The Vic-Kat Mangalsutra

Do we really need to explain why this is at the top of the list? The newest bride of B-town has us all drooling over their adorableness and, of course, their trend-setting ensembles, which includes this pretty-pretty Sabyasachi mangalsutra. Now I know, some of you must be thinking, it’s Katrina Kaif, for crying out loud… But NO!!! This mangalsutra can be your “run-to” jewellery too! The simplicity of this jewellery makes it different from others and makes it difficult to forget too. It’s nothing heavy and pure ELEGANT! 

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  1. The Solitaire 

100 points for guessing this one. A single solitaire studded mangalsutra is evergreen and no matter the era, we assure you this will always be on the top list. What has changed this wedding season is the shift from gold chains to alternating black and golden beads that not only compliment the solitaire but also gives it a classy edge. We also have Shivanya testifying for us. Just look how elegant this looks! If these aren’t goals, I don’t know what is!!!! <puppy face>

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  1. The Pretty American Diamonds 

How many of you remember Zoya from Bepannah and her elegant style? Well, that means even your taste has grown to be one of the best!!!!American Diamonds have been trending since the previous wedding season from floral earrings to diamond-studded bracelets, they just glided their way elegantly to mangalsutras this time. Here are a few variations of how you can choose to style them in your resemblance of love but remember, minimalism is the key! When you choose American Diamonds, make sure that it matches with whatever piece of thread you are using to tie it to. Since American Diamonds are silver and sparkly, you can go with base black thread, but you can also go with the rusted gold, giving it a matt finish look to make your mangalsutra even more EYE CATCHY! Hey, don’t forget to pass this information to your “WOULD-BE-HUSBANDS” before they go get it for you!  

Xy08jQIdns3osOgFWHXmj ShZyaXDlHhdDriTmdwD4bT 0pSFORQGFur62RvpvBrgNnzi79mp06YpVcJY7ZoS7sbhLDlIj67DRt 90eBwaq20kOnIyY9oCAELZWzey5BSSeM0Jps
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  1. Let’s get Floral 

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, and you’ve probably heard this one before, but raise your hand if flowers are your weakness! What could be better than combining the love of our lives for the love of our life and receiving a diamond floral mangalsutra? PS: I see you grinning. Once there was a time when all the girls wanted to be a bride after seeing Anushka Sharma in her wedding dress! And now is the time, when us girls drool over the jewellery that we’ll own for the rest of our lives! What could be better than combining it with your weakness! The best part of floral mangalsutra is that you can combine it with LITERALLY ANYTHING! It’s not compulsory you choose diamonds, you can choose gold to with it as long as you can have it FLORAL!

T7f8F7QIS9Puo2nCYRB4tkhD8EMxikoSRqILZIg0QBvcuO lG 82qlC38L79E1nk2tdIupug6gUi 7JR5cqNUsl36BAlpsBmMpqVu99vkk2wicW7wfuyRTd6oqY Do 6jamYu1k
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  1. Chokers 

While some may argue that chokers are a thing of the past, choker mangalsutras, or short neckline mangalsutras that fall right below your vocal chord, are chic, minimal, and on-trend. Who wouldn’t want a mangalsutra that would go with not only your Indian wardrobe but would also go with the western outfits you own! Wouldn’t it be just awwww-mazing!!! You know what they say, “SONE PE SUHAAGA”!

Qma2YG UM B0pJrarXSnbn5alhhzOEuoZxiBq0vxkRxcaak

Well, pretty woman! What’s your pick? Going classy or edgy? Taking a stride on the highway or going overboard? Whatever you decide, remember that you’d make the most beautiful bride ever, and your mangalsutra choice will undoubtedly add sparkles to your starry night. Don’t forget to try out the different contrasting colors and make one hell of a bride!!! Good Luck!

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