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Often, it’s the most effortless additions to an existing routine that bring about the most significant change. You can amp up your skincare game to a whole new level without having to put extra hours to your daily routine. Just try these simple yet vital beauty tools and accessories to boost your skincare regime without hurting your pocket.

1. To get an Airbrushed Base-

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge

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What is beauty without a beauty blender? Unfinished! Get the most flawless foundation base with this beauty blender to create a look that appears like a second skin to you. Use it damp for best results.

2. To Ace the Face – 

Faces Angled Powder Brush

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Finish your base makeup with a touch of this brush which gives you a gorgeous application of loose or compact powder. Not too much, Not too little, Just Right! 

3. For the Lash Drama-

Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler 

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Adding life and drama to your lashes, this eye lash curler has a potential to be the only eye makeup accessory you’ll ever need. Use it before mascara application to get a wicked wink! 

4. For that Soft Crease – 

Allure Eyeshadow Crease Brush

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This fluffy brush helps you achieve that soft crease look ideal for everyday casual and work outfits. Tap the extra product off the brush before application to avoid over pigmentation of the eyeshadow and for a gradual build. 

5. For Easier Facial Grooming – 

Flawless Touch Facial Hair Remover 

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This handy little tool alone can save you some mandatory weekly salon expenses. With it’s pain-free deep skin trimmer head, you can now remove facial hair anytime, anywhere, flawlessly. 

So to all the beauty lovers who have been looking for the best brands to go with, here’s an opinion from me!  Hope you liked it! Share in the comment box how useful was it for you!

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See ya soon, with a new blog! 


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