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The kurta happens to be an essential part of a woman’s daily wear. They are versatile as they can be mix-matched and worn with jeans, skirts, patialas, salwars, and leggings. There are numerous designs and patterns available in the market for you to choose from. But when almost every woman around you is dressed in a kurta, how do you plan on standing out from the crowd and making your mark? 

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Customisation is, of course, the key here, but it is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This isn’t because it’s pricey, but because it necessitates a certain bit of inventiveness. In reality, if you have the vision to guide one, even your neighbourhood masterji can help you create a beautiful bespoke design! Furthermore, not only will this provide you with a one-of-a-kind outfit, but it will also function as a sustainable approach that will assist you in supporting local talent. Add natural, handloom fabrics to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner! So, if you want to make the switch to everything custom-made, how about taking some baby steps first?  If suit neck designs is what you seek, then read on and grab your favourite one for your next trip to Masterji! 

  1. Cowl Neck 
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This suit neck style would look great with flowy fabrics like satins, chiffons, and crepe. The cowl neck is ideal for a day at college because it isn’t overly showy but still fashionable.

  1. Classic Collars 

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Collars never fail to impress, and this plain suit neck design is actually rather striking if you play it correctly with the sleeves and go for something dramatic. A high-neck or collar at the back-neck with a steep V cut on the front is another popular variation on Chinese/stand or even the girlie Peter-pan collars. With this attractive neckline, you may conceal a short neck, double chin, or a large bust. This modest design is popular among girls and office-going ladies since it is both flattering and stylish.

  1. Narrow U 
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If you’re looking for something different, this front neck suit design is a great option. We recommend that you choose a lovely lace to accent the neckline while selecting this design. The Narrow U defines your neck, creating an elongated and elegant appearance.

  1. Sweet Heart Neck 

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Sweetheart is a variation on the square neck with a pointed, tapering bottom, and is another popular, traditional neck design. It has the advantage of a square, wide-cut neckline as well as a defined, skimming V at the décolletage. Sweetheart can have strong or somewhat curving lines and is ideal for suits with elaborate embroidery and unusual dupattas. This neckline is suitable for women of all body shapes and for all circumstances. If you want to show off a necklace, this is a terrific option. If you’re not comfortable with deep-cut styles, don’t get a broad sweetie.

  1. Side Keyhole

For Kurtis, this is a beautiful blend of a Boat Neck with a Keyhole neckline. The keyhole on this design is to one side, either left or right, as desired by the wearer. As per the dress material patterned Neck Line Kurta Design, the entire neck and keyhole can be bordered with embroidery or Kundan work.

  1. Sweetheart with sheer details

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A low-cut sweetheart neck is already deep. Designers connect a sheer fabric to a close-cut sweetheart instead of cutting it deep. This shows off the skin in a really exquisite, sensual way. This is a stunning style that is quite popular in Anarkali suits and blouses for party wear sarees.

  1. High square

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This is a more structured version of the conventional neck forms. Apart from suits and kurtas, this looks great on saree blouses, dresses, and cholis. Within the square neckline, there are various variations, with a less broad but deeper one being a rectangle, and a broad one at the shoulders that tapers as it lowers, being a quadrangle or trapezium. Too much geometry – yet rather lovely in Indian attire!

  1. Queen Anne V Neck 

It’s a common neckline for wedding gowns. It does, however, exhibit cleavage. The neckline can be Pentagon or Deep V. A person wearing this style of neckline should use extreme caution when selecting innerwear. This Queen Anne neckline draws attention to the upper torso. 

  1. Peter Pan Collar
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These are the best neck designs for Kurtis that can make you look delicate and small. It has a rounded collar and a flat collar. Because it is a traditional western long kurti pattern, it should not be worn with a salwar or a dupatta. Necklaces are not essential to be worn because they may detract from the neckline’s beauty. Wear it, and you’ll have the most fantastic sweet 16 looks.

  1. Angrakha Neckline 

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A typical Angarakha neckline is where a cloth strip is fashioned to noticeably overlap the other. However, variants of this Nawabi, regal style are constructed, where extra fabric is connected – as shown in the picture – and an Angarakha design is created. This one looks stunning on huge Anarakalis, floor-length suits, cape-style outfits, and lehenga suits.

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While it may appear to be a little detail, the neck design may truly make or break your look. This is why we must always pay close attention to this element, and here are some stunning neck designs for suits that will never let you down.

I hope you find these neck-design advice and ideas beneficial. Don’t forget to bookmark this site so you may return to it whenever you feel like experimenting. Don’t forget to tag your friends in the comments section before and share this hidden gem with them! 

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