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We bet it’s as easy as they come!

Winged eyeliner is a classic eye makeup look for any occasion. When we have a wedding to attend, good eye makeup becomes all the more important. Winged eyeliner gives you an added edge like none other. Since the retro age, winged eyeliner has been ever-evolving. Even with changing times, it has not lost its timeless vibes and the power of accentuating the eyes.

So, give your eyes the wings to shine this wedding season

Here are certain tips are tricks to keep in mind while applying winged eyeliner:

We know sometimes it is a real struggle when it comes to applying that perfect winged eyeliner.

Use sticky tape to make your work easy!

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Image Courtesy: Elle uk

All you need to do is take a small piece of sticky tape and fold it on the non-sticky side and cut it diagonally. This diagonal cut depends upon how thick or thin you want your wing to be. Now it makes a stencil for your winged eyeliner and all you need to do is stick it to the outer corner of your eye and fill in the gap for a perfect wing!

Do not forget to join the wing to the inner corner of the eye by tracing the liner gently over the edge of the eyelid.

Let bobby pins do the trick!

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This is by far the oldest trick in the book when it comes to applying winged eyeliner. Coat the opening of the bobby pin with your liquid liner and place it in the corner of your eye with the mouth of the bobby pin facing downwards to create a winged image that you can use to fill in and join it to the rest of your lash line.

Perfect it out with a concealer.

Image Courtesy: Mirraw

Sometimes the wing we create is flawless with our eyeliner but still does not look clean enough. Well, don’t worry! All you need to do is clean the edge and make it symmetrical using a little concealer on a flat brush.

Use a card for smooth finish.

Draw the perfect cat eye using either a post it or credit card as ...

You can also choose to create a stamp by using your old credit cards or any disposable cards. The trick is to rub a sufficient amount of liner on the edge of the card and stamp it against the corner of your eye. Use your lash line to trace the rest of your eyeliner. Yes, it is just that simple! However, this trick is only efficient if you are planning to draw a thin wing.

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