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Oh Hello Loversss..!!! How’s your Valentine Week going? Awesome? Amazing? Oh wait, what’s that? Still waiting for something staggering to happen? Hmm!!!! <into my thinking zone> 


How about you make your Valentine’s Day special for your better half? Or better yet, make your Valentine’s Day special for your own self! Yup! This blog is not only for the “committed girls”, it’s also for the ones’ who believe that they don’t need anybody and can be happy with self-praise & self-worth. Make your day for YOU and not for anybody else! <claps for you>

So what are some of the most aesthetic designs and cute outfits for you this Valentine’s Day?

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Okay, who isn’t a fan of Black? Everyone is, right? Yeah I know, a lot of you must be thinking Valentine’s Day is all about love and hence the RED colour! But no my love, black is PERFECTION.. Actually, BLACK is LOVE! Uh-huh… This Valentine’s Day, your best bet could be LBD. With an LBD, you can try out high heels, stilettos, and a clutch. Oh and don’t forget to make it hot ‘n’ happening by adding some cool jewellery to it! Bam! You are good to go!

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When anyone talks about new trends and new fashion, you don’t miss out on MIRRORS & SEQUINS dresses, do you? Not only does it make you look gorgeous but it totally brings out those sexy curves of yours to give you more of that confidence. To look as you dreamt of, you can place your thoughts to mirrors and sequins. There are so many options available in it, such as, off shoulder, cold shoulder, gowns, knee-length dresses, jeans and sequins crop top, etc…. Pick any and voila! Pair it with shoes or black heels, and make your pictures the best ones ever.

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Wanna make someone’s eyes pop out of their sockets? Wanna look jaw-droppingly hot? Read your mind, sweetheart! Valentine’s Day is one of those days that you not only wanna make memorable, but also glamorous! Satin is your right call.! It’s one of those materials for your dress that will do perfect justice with your figure. It’s a wardrobe staple. You can go for a killer slit or a floor-length satin gown with drop-sleeves. Pair it with a pair of block heels. Wait! What wrong did accessories do to any of us? So, choose your favourite neck choker along with hoops! Ding-ding! Go and smile girl, you are gonna look fab!

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Did you know that a smile is the best accessory? A girl’s best friend is a SMILE! To bring that confidence in you while you carry your outfit, smile brightly and walk with your head held high! So what’s gonna be your choice, girl?

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