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Pankhuri is a women’s only community for members to socialize, explore and upskill through live interactive courses, expert chat, and interest-based clubs. Our short video app opens up endless possibilities for women with interests like fashion, beauty, grooming and lifestyle.

We are dedicated to all things beauty, inside and out. From hair and makeup to health and wellness, Pankhuri takes a fresh, no-nonsense approach to help you feel and look your absolute best. We help women find confidence, community and joy through beauty. It is a safe and empowering space that aims to help them lead their best lives. We’re driven by a commitment to improving women’s lives by covering daily breakthroughs in beauty and health, with a focus on story-telling and original reporting.

We are an ambitious, creative and committed community, backed by some of the best investors in the country. We are female-founded and led, and believe passionately in creating an inclusive and welcoming ecosystem for everyone.


The comfort and intimacy of an at-home Mehendi soiree are unmatched! You not only get to be YOU with your close-knit clan but also have an evening full of cool performances, tear-inducing speeches & fun games, all planned at once with them. Sounds interesting? Well, don’t stop there yet, because for every ceremony to look perfectly beautiful, you ought to complement it with a suitable decor theme! And what could be better than a bohemian themed decor for your sundowner Mehendi bash!

From teepee tents & sit-down arrangements to macrame hangings and rugged throws, there’s so much that you can explore when opting for a boho theme! So, to brim you with just the right kind of inspo, we have rounded up these uber-chic bohemian decorations that are every bit stunning. Scroll through to view ‘em all!

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Image: Amaahyaaj
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Image: Artsuto
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Image: Amaahyaaj
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Image: WithLoveNilma
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Image: Atisuto
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Image: Atisuto
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Image: Jayandievents
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Image: Amaarafarms
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Image: Theheritagehg
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Image: fableandmoon
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Image: Shutterdown
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Image: nukia.studio
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Image: jasleenk_bougainvilladesign

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