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Bags, unlike other accessories, are something that we all require. When shopping for a bag, make sure it compliments your outfit and fits the occasion. Essentially, a smart way to ensure this is to keep a variety of bags in your closet and choose the best one that fits the occasion and your distinct style.

Wardrobe Essentials: 5 Types Of Bags Every Girl Should Have

Tell us whatever you want, but we ladies and our obsession with bags aren’t listening. We know better than to limit ourselves to just one basic bag. But we’re also not stupid enough to chase changing trends every season. With a plethora of options available, you must be wondering how many bags you should have. Every woman should have these 5 different types of bags in her closet. Consider these bag types to be evergreen and appropriate for a specific situation that life will undoubtedly throw at you. Enjoy your reading and shopping!

1. Shoulder bag

The classic shoulder bag, which was once the most popular handbag style in the 1990s, has returned with a vengeance. It’s a simple bag to carry because it can be worn over the shoulder, in your hand, or clutched for a night out. You can try it in various colours and prints. Anything that suits your fancy. 

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2. Tote bag

A tote bag is essential. You probably already have one (if you don’t, we’ll hit you with our favourite pick, no judgement). It is the largest “everyday” bag that a woman carries her entire world in. Believe me when I say that a woman carries A LOT of stuff in her bag every day, which is why we are known as the saviours for all men because we have a solution to all their problems in our handbag. That pretty much sums it up. They also look great and are available in oversized sizes for when you want to go grocery shopping after work. An ideal bag for work or college. This is my go-to for work. 

3. An evening clutch

The evening clutch is all about style. Consider this number your arm candy for a party, romantic dinner, or any other occasion that requires you to dress up. Do not underestimate the importance of this type of bag; it will hit you on the day of the event, and we want to keep you from feeling that way. Vintage evening clutches are everywhere, so you know what to do.

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4. Crossbody bag

A crossbody bag is one of the most classic types of bags that every lady should own. Another bag that has a permanent place in a woman’s wardrobe. On days when you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff, a sling bag is a good option. When you only need to carry your phone, keys, and cash, a sling bag is an excellent choice. Crossbody bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something you like. Just sling it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go! Ideal for shopping with the girls or for that party you’ve been invited to.  

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5. Backpack

Oh, the bag that evokes fond memories and a flood of nostalgia. We, on the other hand, want to emphasise that the backpack is not to be overlooked, especially with so many different styles to choose from: sophisticated, flirty, edgy, and so on. This type of bag is also popular because it is easy to carry (on the back or as a shoulder bag), has enough space to fit everything from a laptop to light clothing, and can be used to dress up any outfit.


For whatever reason, every bag closet should have a wildcard bag — a choice that is entirely yours. For us, the shoulder bag is the most talked about and seen almost everywhere because of its wearability factor—wear it to a party, shopping with the girls, or even when travelling, and it will make a noticeable impact. It also keeps important items such as phones, keys, and credit cards close at hand and thus easily accessible.

Every woman’s dream comes true with these handbags. Every fashionable woman should own all five types of handbags. Women’s handbags are a fashion accessory that they should never skimp on. The handbags on this list are all long-lasting and reasonably priced.

So, ladies, until my next blog, happy shopping and stay stylish.



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