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Make your wedding feel like, you know, YOUR wedding!

A wedding hosted at home has a beautiful feeling and warmth attached to it. In addition to that, it allows you to bring out the artist in you as you can showcase your creative side in decorating your house. Now, this is one brilliant way to personalize your wedding – I mean, aren’t we all a little bit of Pablo Picasso-ish inside?

This is also a way to go green, and being the friend nature has always needed – Recycling and reusing are your keywords when it comes to decorating your home for an intimate wedding. We bring to you a little of décor ideas that you are absolutely going to go gaga over!

bed canopy red saree decor

Bring out those old sarees your mother has stocked up, this is the perfect time to use them. You can create a canopy-like structure over the bed or the sofa where the newly married couple can sit and relax.  Another use of the saree, in the same way, is to create a makeshift mandap at home! This gives a very traditional and vintage aesthetic to your decor.

pink saree cushion home dec

If you are good at sewing, you can try to covert the old vintage sarees into pillow covers or sofa covers. Isn’t it the perfect setting for pre-wedding rituals like Mehendi and sangeet? It is almost like having a destination wedding in Rajasthan with those colourful and vintage covers!

sari table cloth peach

Even dupattas can be handy when you DIY! All you need to do is use it as table covers, and the décor becomes automatically alluring and captivating. 

pickle jar diy5

Use the look pickle jars to serve refreshments to the guests. It looks exotic and somewhat professional.

download 8

A very heartfelt way to introduce your wedding guests to the food is writing the menu yourself. Decorate it with paints and colours and write down the delicious cuisine you picked for your wedding! You can even improvise the food name to make it more interesting. You can also write thank you cards to your guests. Given it is an intimate wedding, it becomes a plausible idea. How cool is that!

wine bottle diy1

Well, we do not want to make it visible, but we are assuming you haven’t thrown out those wine bottles because you have always liked how pretty they are, right? Well, this is when your idea of inserting fairy lights or candles in it comes to action and makes your wedding décor look warm and luminous. 

plants in light bulb diy

You father has not fixed the old light bulb yet, has he? Well, he doesn’t need to do it anymore because we know exactly how to turn them into these beautiful looking vases that can act like wall hangings – An absolute aesthetic delight!

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white wedding photo-booth with white and blue hydrangeas with green leaves

What are weddings without photo booths nowadays! This onset of spring brings you the lovely hydrangeas and lilies and so many more flowers. All you need to do is call your florist and get them delivered at home and decorate your closet door or a particular wall with these beautiful flowers.

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