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Whenever you think of your upcoming month’s menstrual cycle, what flows to your mind? How will you handle your mood swings? Or how painful it’s gonna be!

I am that person who’s worried about the flow. Yup! How pathetic does it feel when you know you are gonna have a heavy flow and you cannot do anything about it. It is always distressing for most of us at so many levels. 

And when your periods do arrive, along with it comes the tension of staining wherever you go.

But there has to be a solution to this on this whole planet! Ladies, there is…!!

What you should know is, what to use during your menstruation. Clear all your doubts, especially about sanitary. It is very important for a woman to know what she’s using during her periods. 

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Before choosing any product, always know its pros & cons. For all the confused ladies out there, let’s clear some of your confusion, shall we?


Isn’t this one of the most asked questions all around? Aren’t most of us confused as to what to use during our menstruation? What is better to use? Tampons or Sanitary Pads? It’s almost an unending debate. 

First know what are both of these and what exactly is the use of both. It’ll make it easier for you to choose the best product once you know everything about both of these products. 

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Tampons are cylindrical objects mostly made of cotton, rayon or sometimes the mix of both that are inserted inside the vulva. These tampons help women in absorbing the blood properly without the fear of staining. Once it is full and ready to take out, you can pull on the string and it can come out. In today’s time, Tampons are the most used product because they are easier to bear as well as it is comfortable for most women. Scientists and study say that you can change a tampon once every 8 hours. There are 2 types of tampons available for you in the market, i.e. REUSABLE & DISPOSABLE. But the reusable tampons are way riskier than disposable because the reusable tampons can spread more bacterial infection as well as fungal & yeast infection. 

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All of us are familiar with Sanitary Pads, aren’t we? Because when in urgency, we always, or at least 99% of the time, go for sanitary napkins. Most of the sanitary pads are made of adsorbent material like cotton or absorbent polymer which is a big plus point for all the ladies. Sanitary pads are designed in such a way that they can stick to your underwear. They come in different sizes which are made for both light & heavy bleeders. Usually what women do is that they use the smallest sizes for end days when they aren’t bleeding much and use the XXL or XXXL for their first few days. Usually the duration of one pad depends on how heavy your flow is. However, gynaecologists say that you should change sanitary pads at least once every 3-4 hours.

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Although, now that we know that both are safe to use and you can opt for anything you’d like, let’s dig a little deeper in it to help you come up with a firm decision.

If you think about it, there are many more factors to consider, for instance:

  1. Tampons are harder to use because if not inserted properly they can cause you problems, however, pads are really easy to use because all you have to do is stick it to your underwear.
  2. Once the tampon is inserted properly in your vulva, it will not move when you are walking around whereas sanitary pads are most likely to move when you move and it can cause a stain.
  3. You can easily swim in tampons but you can’t even think of swimming if you are using sanitary pads.
  4. Tampons can cause TSS (TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME). TSS is a life threatening condition that is caused when the bacteria increases in your vulva because of the inserted tampon. Research says that TSS is caused via tampons only and not because of sanitary pads. The chances of getting TSS by sanitary pads is almost minimal.
  5. Sanitary pads are a bit more discreet as compared to tampons. In certain types of clothes that you may choose to wear, sanitary pads may be visible and can make you uncomfortable. But tampons help you here. You can wear tampons and they won’t be visible

Well, here was almost everything you needed to know about tampons and sanitary pads. Now by the end of this, you can make a firm decision about what product you wanna use. So, don’t forget to spread awareness about Sanitary, Health, Hygiene and Best Products.

See you soon! <3

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