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Do you have anything besides bones? You are already skinny. Why do you have to hit the gym? You’ll look even more beautiful if you lose weight. Don’t you think it’s time to follow a diet? – Most of us would have come across these body-shaming comments/questions at some point in our lives, either for being too skinny or too fat. This act of humiliation reached its peak with the rise of social media, which paved the way for appearance-focused content and promoted unrealistic body and beauty standards. The use of size-zero models with toned bodies and absolutely no body hair set the bar too high to reach. The representation of bodies was idealised, turning a blind eye to stretch marks, cellulite and fat rolls. It meddled with people’s self-awareness and they started developing negative body images when in fact it was natural for everyone to be flawed.

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So how do we deal with this? How to talk sense into these mindless people? – That’s when body positivity comes into the picture. Gaining a healthier relationship with the body without leaning towards the established beauty standards and accepting who we are for what we are builds body positivity in ourselves. 

Why does it matter?

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The way one feels about their body should not be influenced by external factors as it holds an individual guilty and has an effect on their eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle changes. It is for this reason that one must attain the realization that embracing their bodies for what they are, regardless of their shapes and sizes, develops acceptance and boosts self-esteem. When body image is taken in a negative manner, it takes a toll on one’s mental health and has direct consequences on the person’s behaviour. Therefore, coming to terms with the body and developing a positive image constructs a secure sense of self and prioritises general wellness over impractical body standards. –Do not let your mind bully your body. 

Where to start? 

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You do not wake up one day and start your self-love journey. It is not that easy and might seem out of your depth. But it’s okay (take deep breaths). Be kind to yourself and your body because you are worth more than what the weight scale says. Start off with a pep talk to yourself with verbal affirmations such as: “I am beautiful the way I am.” “My body doesn’t define me. I am perfect as I am.” Chant these mantras every day and try to feel comfortable in your own skin. Also keep reminding yourself that your goal is to attain a healthy body and not a perfect idealized body—eat healthy, act healthy, and live healthy. A bowl of salad and an  intense workout at the gym is not the solution. Go along with it only if you enjoy doing so, but not for the sake of others’ validation. 

COMPARISON IS A BIG NO! (waves a red flag). Every individual is beautiful in their own way, and you must get that straight. Why would you intentionally make yourself seem worthless? All bodies are valid and have their own value, so treat them with kindness. If you do not love and respect your own body, who else will? Never fall into negative patterns of thinking and make sure you surround yourself with people driven by positivity and self-love. Keep your insecurities at bay and do not let it get the best of you. Direct your focus towards the things you love about yourself and embrace your imperfections. Body confidence comes from within, therefore it is entirely left to your hands to give yourself grace and stop fussing about small (no-good) details of your body. When life throws you curves, embrace them. 

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Positive body image is a process and a lifelong journey. Loving yourself is a DIY project, and you gotta cherish what you have. REMINDER!! – Everybody is beautiful. Also, a huge shout out to everyone who has gone through mental abuse and objectification. You’ve come a long way, ladies! Kudos to you! 

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