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Because you are worth it!

Customizing my wedding lehenga has always been on top of my wedding planning list. According to me, every wedding lehenga tells a story, a tale about the one who will adorn it, about the life they lead and most importantly exemplifying the essence of a woman of inimitable taste.

We do realize how brides plan wedding keeping in mind the intricacies of detail to make it one perfect event because honestly, there is no replacement for one’s D-Day. Not all lehengas you find at the stores match your expectations. Well, you are the bride, it’s your day to shine. Hence, compromising with your wedding attire is a big no-no! 

So take the ball in your court and create your dream lehenga that suits your story, personal style and sartorial sensibilities.

Moreover, due to COVID-19, it is definitely not safe to go out there and indulge in shop-hopping. Thus, customizing your lehenga online is the best thing you can do (Trust me, it’s gonna be so much better than going from one store to another in a crowded marketplace). Meanwhile, there are so many famous and brilliantly reviewed websites which can help you design a personalized lehenga. Below, get a glimpse of such websites.

Here are a few online stores that you can check which will help you in customizing the bridal lehenga you have always wanted!


A premium designer-at-home service to customize your clothing. As dreamy as it sounds, this website provides you with the designers at hand who interact with you to create for you the bridal lehenga that you have always desired. Moreover, they let you choose your very own fabric and that totally makes it the most customer-friendly website to opt for when it comes to customizing one’s lehenga.


With worldwide shipping, Ninecolours is a blessing to any bride. You can sit back at home and just curate your bridal lehenga by just stating your wants and desires. How amazing is that! Not only that, but you can also pick from already custom-made lehengas available at their site, which makes it easier for a bride to choose what she wants.


We know how much everyone was obsessed with the second season of Four More Shots Please flaunting beautiful designer lehengas. Well, here is a place with the top-notch designers who can create your bridal outfit inspired by your favourite shows and celebrities. They are localized in Mumbai and Delhi but you can always visit them online and create a lehenga of your own!


When it comes to customizing your bridal lehenga, we do realize that you might be looking to take it one step forward from the traditional attire. Well, in that case, Ridhi Mehra is just your personality. With trendy blouse designs that make your lehenga stand out, these tailor-made lehengas are open to your creativity, requirement and give your lehenga its contemporary touch.

Chat with our stylist here and get your customized wedding lehenga with a hassle-free experience.

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  • That Chori
    June 2, 2020

    I am sold on customising my lehenga…

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