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There are two types of people in this world! One, who loves winter and the other who hates it. Whatever your relationship with winter, we agree it comes with lots of side effects.Cold, wheezing, suffocation… Clearly, winter is not what pop culture portrays it to be! 

But what are you eating throughout this winter? 

No no, this question is not unrelated. Whatever goes inside you decides what you become. And there are foods you should add to your diet to keep yourself warm and healthy this winter season.

Come let us find out the five food that you should never fail to include in your daily diet to relish the winter with all your energy intact:


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Image credit: Medical News Today

Yes! The go-to medicine for anything and everything in an Indian home. We don’t recognise you as an Indian if you didn’t have ginger tea or Kada to kill your cold or fever!  

Ginger has unique healing properties with a pungent and hot taste that helps you combat mild cold, sore throats and even bloating. It boosts your immunity and metabolism, increasing blood flow and digestion and is your best companion on cold days. 

  • Consume ginger in raw or powder form in any food/drink you prepare especially in winter. 
  • You can try having raw ginger root in hot water or simply putting some ginger in regular tea. 
  • You can also use ginger in curries, soups and in various cuisines to make the food a lip-smacking experience with a healthy twist. 


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Image credit: KandraFoods

Honey, I can’t stress enough the importance of adding honey to your diet!

As honey comes with many therapeutic benefits, it is widely consumed in our country to drive away colds, coughs and flu. It also cures digestive issues, boosts immunity and is used widely as a skin care product too. 

  • Honey as it is or consumed with salads, fruit bowls or other foods, helps you remain warm during the winters and provides you with the much-required mix of healthy minerals. 
  • Adding honey to your green tea, warm water or any flavoured tea can boost your immunity and metabolism.

PS: Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers also can consume honey, if they are not diabetic. Beware! Kids above one year old are allowed to consume honey.

Dry fruits :

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Image credit: Kumaribasket

It’s time to store some Dry fruits at home! 

Dry fruits on any day are the best food to munch on, not to mention winter. Dry fruits such as apricots, dried figs, dates, almonds, and cashews are superfoods ready to hand over immunity and warmth the minute you consume them. 

  • You can have them stand alone as breakfast or late-night snacks.
  • It can even be consumed with milk, sweets or a fruit bowl. 
  • There is an amazing array of milkshakes you can make out of these dried fruits and nuts. 

Hot Beverages:

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Image credit: TOI

When talking about food to give you warmth, hot beverages demand a special mention. Having them in winter warms up the body from within and keeps you at bay from diseases. 

  • Herbal teas such as green tea, hibiscus tea, jasmine tea etc. are the best options.
  • Detox drinks can also play wonders in your overall well-being during this time. 
  • You can also drink Turmeric milk and ginger tea
  • It’s a piece of happy news for coffee lovers that having it twice a day won’t do any harm but good to your body. 
  • Soups also come in handy when it comes to combating winter-related problems.

Please note, It is better for pregnant moms to avoid caffeinated beverages until delivery. 


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Image credit: Tasting Table

Sorry vegetarians! But we have to say that meats are a legible option for winter as it is the powerhouse of iron and protein plus food that can keep you hot for a long. 

Non-vegetarians can have them in plenty during the winter months as it raises body temperature during metabolism. But remember it is best consumed as soups or curries rather than fried or roasted. It is a great source of energy for your kids too. 

Keeping you and your family warm and healthy has to be your priority now. But you can’t compromise on having delicious food, as winter comes with extra cravings. Don’t you think so? Add these five things to your diet and make lip-smacking yet healthy dishes out of them. Have plenty of them and enjoy the weather 🙂

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