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An Insight on how to look chic and stylish on a budget!

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Do you want to see yourself as a Fashionista but your pocket doesn’t? What if we tell you that you, YES YOU! Can look stylish all the time without having to curse your wallet? Who said you’ve to be a big spender to achieve your desired closet?

Being stylish isn’t a luxury available only to aristocrats. You can look your most stylish self with some smart modern-day tips and tricks to shop, style and save! Yes you can still save. That’s exactly what we’re here to do. So get ready to add some salt and pepper to your wardrobe without betraying your pocket.

Life is short. So Doll-up First!

In class for a guide to budget-friendly fashion and style.

The Salon

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We’re talking about grooming yourself, the very first step in looking stylish. Grooming is the gift you give yourself to attain the perfect high-society look. It is also a skill and necessity for which there are no substitutes. From head to toe: (a) A good hair-care routine sure is the base of everything magical but in addition to that , the right haircut ,fit for your face and body shape can be an absolute game changer. (b) Hands, feet and neck are the most exposed parts of the body. A good hair removal technique and a polished body look accentuates your beauty which is why a good manicure and pedicure every week are essential..(c) For grooming your upper lips and eyebrows, you might want to own a small detailed facial hair trimmer. Affordable, time-saving and awesome.

The Mane

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Aside from keeping your hair perfectly groomed, it’s also essential to know a few basic yet versatile hair-styles that give you more chic and rich look. Think hairstyles like- Slick straight loose hair, Blow-dried waves or curls, Elevated top-knot, Waterfall braid, Chelsea-girl bob or a Messy pony-tail. Best part of it? They only need your efforts, not your money. Style that doesn’t betray your wallet.

The Drama

Yes the Make-up! Since the subject at hand is everyday casual and office stylish looks, as a rule of thumb, ‘No makeup’ makeup is your best friend. Wearing minimal make-up with flawless base make-up (matte or dewy) , a nude-cheek tint, a matte-nude eye-shadow and a nude-coloured lipstick of your choice (matte or glossy) is perfection. This reflects your authentic and bold self even brighter. Like your signature. What else is a signature? A signature scent. Throw that in too. A good perfume is a must, preferably an EDP or a Parfum because they last up to 12 hours or more keeping you fresh. Use the right intensity scent on the nape of your neck, wrists and armpits for a final fragrant touch. Minimalistic and affordable.

The Riches

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Jewellery instantly makes your outfit look complete. No outfit is complete without at least one piece of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all metal. It can be leather bracelets too which go really well with Tees. Too much jewellery though, screams raggedy-street-style and unless that’s what you’re trying to achieve, get the right amount of it and more importantly the right metal. This can be determined with your skin undertone just as we do for finding the perfect foundation shade. Warm skin-tones go better with gold whereas cool skin-tones look better in silver but also in gold. Rose gold jewellery looks good on both types of skin tones. Since we’re on budget here, minimalistic artificial chain, bracelet, ear studs and ring usually go with every outfit. Remember to ensure the quality of your jewellery and take good care of it when not in use such as keeping it away from food and water to maintain the colour and shine.

The Attire

Clothes are the most important part of achieving the chic and stylish look. So here are some tips on how to flaunt your best self through your clothes (wise buying guide)- (a) Dress according to your height and body shape like high, mid or low-rise jeans or midis or short dresses etc. This accentuates what you already possess. (b) Understand fabrics and materials and choose wisely the ones that look best on you as it’s the fabric that determines if a piece of clothing looks cheap or luxe. Good tailoring of the piece is essential to look for. (c) Third -piece rule is something that instantly makes you look rich. Adding a jacket, coat, shrug or even a matching scarf makes your regular two-piece clothing look fancy. And while we’re at it, it’s not mandatory to buy these if it hurts your pocket. Quality over quantity, remember? (d) Initially, by which I mean at the beginner level, start with all colours- neutral. Keep your looks organised and structured and try to follow only one pattern of clothing- print, colour and embroidery wise. Don’t mix and match patterns just yet. (e) Take excellent care of your clothes for the beauty to last.

A budget largely varies from person to person but irrespective of the amount of money you have, most online fashion retailers provide you to see all of the aforementioned criteria before you shop, for every piece -from body shape to fabric to fabric care. So shop wisely.

The Sides and Treasury 

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Accessories can make or break your entire look depending on how well it’s carried. Chic accessories include great duo-chromatic or monochromatic watches, belts, scarves, stoles, sunglasses, hats etc. Don’t ever overdo it! Just match the right number of accessories and colour coordinate them with your clothes. A watch usually does a great job with all kinds of clothes. 

Another High-class way to carry one-self is to always have a bag. A bag just adds a statement to your entire look. It makes everything look urban and maximalist, almost Paris-like. One should have a combination of 3-4 bags- a backpack, a shoulder or hand bag, a sling bag and a wallet. Carry it as per your outfit and again don’t forget to match the colours.

The Kicks

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Pumps, Boots, Wedges, Flip-flops whatever you get, ensure that you colour coordinate your shoes with at least more than 3 pairs of clothing in your wardrobe, given we’re on a budget. Psychologically speaking, your shoes are the first thing people notice in your entire look. Your shoes need to be good and clean. Just get these things right while buying yourself a pair and you’re good to go- (a) Colour- basic ones like black, tan, beige, brown etc. for a budget-fit shoe rack. (b) Right kind- Pumps, Boots, Sneakers, Flats, Wedges etc. that match your wardrobe and the purpose. Having one of each kind makes your shoe rack versatile. (c) Heel size- Comfort comes first. Walking like a new-born fawn isn’t a pleasant sight to witness.

We wish it helped you as much as it helped millions others. Have a Happy Styling!

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