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Holi has arrived, and for many Holi enthusiasts, the wait is unbearable. But, as you wait to come out of the home and revel in the colours without fear, listen to that banging Holi music and enjoy the festive delight. But wait a minute! Have you checked to see if your skin and hair are ready before you go out to party and embrace the vivacity and vibrancy of this event in all its hues?

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While we walk you through the most essential item, you might have forgotten–Pre & Post Holi Skincare. Don’t worry before you start freaking out, don’t worry because we’ve already done the before and after-math for your skin. When you’re on the field flinging colour at each other, it’s all fun and games. What comes when the sun goes down is the misery of spending forever in the bath to get rid of colour residue. All of this will be even more terrifying for folks who are easily frightened. But don’t you worry, we have you covered (literally)! Keep scrolling your ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PRE & POST HOLI SKINCARE 


  1. Prep your skin: 
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It is always a good idea to have a thick layer of moisturization lathered on your skin before playing holi. Moisturisers form a protective layer on the skin and reduce the drying effects of the harsh holi hues, making it easier to remove the colours once you’ve finished playing. When we talk about moisturisation, we’re talking about BODY OILS! Applying a lightweight, non-sticky body oil all over your body and HAIR before playing holi is one of the finest tried and true methods for ensuring that colours are readily removed from your skin even if you get drenched in coloured water. Yes, our mothers were correct when they soaked us in oil on Holi mornings.

  1. Care for nails: 

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You’ve probably seen how Holi colours stain your nails and even settle under them, making them look unkempt. And you don’t want that, especially if you have to head to work the next day. As a result, it is critical to pay careful attention to your nails. Trim your nails short to allow for less colour to settle in them for nail maintenance. Then, before going out, use a dark nail polish and treat your nails and cuticles with olive oil to prevent the nails from catching colours readily. 

PS: Don’t forget your toe nails! 

  1. Sunscreen:
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After you’ve finished moisturising/oiling your skin, the next and most obvious skin care advice to remember before playing Holi is to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your skin. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to keep your skin from being tanned or sunburned. Using sunscreen is just unavoidable, making it one of the most effective pre-Holi skin care advice for all the beauties out there.

  1. Cover it up:

While arriving all decked out and gorgeous for Holi in breathtaking white costumes appears to be a beautiful dream. This might become one of your worst nightmares! Dressing up for Holi entails more than just donning your old, soon-to-be-discarded garments. Dressing appropriately plays an important role in causing less damage to your skin. Choose lighter, breathable fabrics over anything overly heavy or cumbersome. Also, attempt to wear clothes that cover the majority of your skin while leaving less exposed skin uncovered to avoid as much direct contact with chemical colours with your skin as possible.


  1. Careful Cleansing:
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Don’t take a shower right away after returning home. One significant error you can make is going straight into the shower after playing. Apply cold-pressed coconut oil all over your body before showering. Because most colours are fat-soluble, use coconut oil to remove them off your skin. Then, before having a shower, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Also, hot showers are a NO-NO!  Go for cold or warm showers, using only soft products, such as shampoo and shower gel.

  1. Mindful Showers:

While most of you believe that exfoliation and rigorous cleaning can help you get rid of all the Holi colour, this is not the case. Exfoliating your tanned skin with damaging colours can only make it more dry, uneven, and gloomy. For your body, first dust off any excess colours, and if you haven’t already applied oil to your skin before going to play, do so now. Apply the oil to your entire body and keep it on for 10 minutes before rinsing with a gentle body wash or herbal soap.

  1. Moisturize:


When you’re finished, don’t forget to loathe your skin with a good hydrating moisturiser. It is better to do so using coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil, and it is unquestionably a natural Holi skin care tip for all my beautiful ladies.

  1. Avoid Makeup: 

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Since you’ve cleansed your skin of all the hazardous chemicals and removed all of the protecting dead skin. For at least a day or two, refrain from wearing cosmetics or going to the salon. Allow your skin to breathe and feel free before applying more chemicals to it.


Wax it out: 

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While there is no set time for waxing, we encourage people to do so as part of their post-Holiday routine. Given that the festival is celebrated by playing with colours in the hot sun, waxing not only removes hair but also helps to reduce tan and keep your skin nice.

Furthermore, waxing aids in the removal of artificial colours that adhere to the body when playing Holi. However, it should be done promptly after the Holi celebration but after a couple of days to avoid skin inflammation owing to sensitivity.

Do’s & Don’t for Holi 

No matter how many tips and tricks are thrown at us for Holi Skincare, we often end up listening to our hearts. So here’s a quick and super easy Do’s & Don’ts list for Holi to save your tear glands the next day! 

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  • Exfoliation of the skin should be avoided 48-72 hours before and after Holi.
  • For a few days before and after the festival, avoid any skin and salon treatments such as cleanups and facials.
  • Use an overnight hydrating mask to treat dry and parched skin caused by excessive UV exposure and heat. To soothe skin, use moisturising eye and lip masks.
  • Use organic colours and avoid those containing copper sulphate, lead oxide, or mercury sulphate.
  • Use very mild, gentle products on your skin before and after playing Holi.

While Holi is at the top of my list of favourite festivals, it is at the bottom when it comes to Skin & Haircare. If you don’t take the necessary precautions in time, the aftermath of Holi can be demon-like. But you don’t need to be concerned. You’ve already read the blog, and I’m very sure all of us will be shining just as brightly (maybe with a little more blush) and painting the town red!

So go ahead, gorgeous ladies! Have a lovely, colourful, and joyful HOLI, but don’t forget to share this blog with your friends so that your post-Holi Dinner Pictures are just as good as the pre-Holi ones!

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