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As much as we sometimes wish winter would go away, it is here to stay, atleast in our land. Why not dress fashionably and choose wisely when we have Winter Hauls going on everywhere. You ask me which is the best and my answer will be -ZARA ! Come check out these items

Artboard 9

This Belted dress from Zara is all that we need. With the nice padded shoulders and an amazing belt as an add on accessory, you would not need anything more. Since its cream in colour, its more suited for work wear but a drop of a subtle diamond accessory and you can also make it a cocktail party dress.

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Artboard 6

A black coat is a must have staple item that every one should include in their wardrobes. It is suited for all occasions, be it formal or casual. And Black Long Coats are even more better and stylish.

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Artboard 7

Winter has finally come and we are pretty sure you would be in need of a really stylish outwear that bats out all the winter chills that this season offers wherever you are.

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Artboard 8

A turtle neck is only to serve winters. Turtle necks are great to stock up too, especially if you are a person who is in need of something basic to style your dresses in winters. One turtleneck is enough to make a style statement.

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Artboard 4

Cardigans are a great staple to your wardrobe diet. It is what rice is to daal. Your ultimate partner to a coat. Pair it with a pair of nice of trousers, and you are good to go.

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Artboard 1 1 1

Well your search for a knitted crop top should end for its finally here, on Zara. You can layer it with many clothing pieces such as a long pencil skirt or even a turtle neck top.

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Artboard 2

You must be wondering what good is these knit shorts for. Well for starters, they can keep you warm, and the second good thing about them is since its winters, you can wear them underneath any top-wear and keep yourself warm.

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Artboard 5

A pair of boots is what a winter outfit is complete with. Go grab these winter boots before they are long gone. You can wear them to work or team them with some outfit. Since they are a neutral colour, they can be pulled off with anything.

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Artboard 3

This fluffy comfy slippers are just what your cold feet might need in chilly winters. If you are going for shopping but don’t feel like going for. Best paired with denims.

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All these items and more are on Zara Sale right now. Before winter completely freezes you out, go and shop till your heart dies. I promise it won’t cause a hole in your pocket

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