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Tired of trying to find your way to fitness? Working out simply isn’t working for you? And you simply want to change your life in a way that isn’t as difficult as weight lifting? Need an answer to all of this? Well, we have it! And it’s just one word: ZUMBAAA! 

Research has shown that dancing is one of the best ways to get your body moving and lose weight. And Zumba till date is proven as the best activity for fitness since you sync and enjoy the beats of the music while dancing and burn upto 1000 calories per hour.

This is not it! Zumba has a lot of health benefits for your mind as well as your body. Let’s find out: 

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When your body grooves to the beats of the songs it stretches the cardiovascular muscles which in turn increases the muscle mass of the body and leads to a fitter physique along with strengthening of the muscles.


Even if you’re in a bad mood, exercise is a great way to relieve stress,and what better exercise than dancing your stress away?  So even if you do Zumba in a bad mood, the dance releases endorphins in your body, which reduces stress and gives you a positive feeling.

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We all know that exercise is one of the best ways to fight depression because it releases a large amount of endorphins from your body, which are a stress reliever. When you do Zumba, the music improves your mood and while you groove to the beats, it gives you a boost of confidence and self-esteem, which in turn reduces the anxiety level in your body.


Dance has always been a form in which you must control both your body and your mind. And by forcing your body to adapt to the beats where you have to dance with those exact steps, you are promoting coordination and balance in your brain and body. So when you have good coordination, you get things done faster in your personal life, and your body adapts to quick reflexes with eye to eye coordination.

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Even if you consider exercise to be a chore, you don’t have to believe that you can’t always find a way to a fit body, whether it’s through dancing, gym, yoga, or pilates. Any type of exercise you do on a daily basis will improve your immune system and relieve stress by the time you finish! Don’t give up if you can’t do one type of exercise; experiment and find your way to a fit body!!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we have got this covered! Now you can learn Zumba from the comfort of your home and take a step towards a fitter, leaner and a happier body! JOIN Pankhuri’s Women’s day special masterclass on ZUMBA FITNESS today! And if you’re interested to know more about Zumba click on the link below and join Pankhuri’s Women’s day special Zumba: Fitness Masterclass- https://co-pankhuri.app.link/38BySyFF2nb or https://pankhuri.co/master-class/course/1210 

Enroll now for 1 month Zumba Fitness Classes at affordable rates.

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