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Have you ever thought of making your workout routine a bit more fun? Does the usual leg day, chest day, etc, wear you out? In that case, would you like to groove to some music and burn calories at once? Well, then join the party, get your moves on, and let’s Zumba! 

Zumba is a kind of workout (clearly not the traditional way) that focuses on cardio-based fitness with a Latin touch. Yes, it started off with dancing to Latin music, moving between slow-paced to high-intensity dance moves, thereby working out the entire body and building muscle strength. But with time, the type of music has evolved, and so have the dance moves. 

In a nutshell, what you do on a dance floor on weekends is what you gotta do in the fitness centre as well while gaining extra perks such as toned muscles, sculpted body and improved heart health. 

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The benefits you reap from running, kickboxing, cycling and other cardio-workouts are all incorporated as dance moves in Zumba, concentrating on the core, glutes, arms and legs. The choreography also blends in lunges, squats, jumps, etc., in the routine itself, making the workout all fun and games. 

How does it work? 

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Zumba usually happens in a group at a fitness studio or even outdoors in parks, with an instructor teaching the moves. It starts off with a slow rhythm, warming up the body first, and gradually builds up the pace and intensifies the dance moves according to the beat of the music. Individuals taking up Zumba don’t necessarily have to be good dancers to get the moves right. The choreography is designed in such a way that anyone can grasp it straight away. The steps are usually basic and repetitive in nature, so people of any age group can master them with practice. Each session lasts for 45–60 minutes.


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  • Accessibility: Zumba is widely available these days, so even if you cannot enroll yourself for a session in a fitness centre, you can get your hands on online Zumba sessions and start your fun way of working out. 
  • No equipment required: It doesn’t require any fancy gear or equipment to participate in the sessions. All you need is a set of shoes and clothing for you to move without a hassle.
  • Overall fitness: The focus is drawn to the general fitness of the body rather than paying attention to specific parts. The workout is effective in that it enhances muscular flexibility and cardiovascular health. 
  • Cost effective: Long gone are the days where gym memberships pinched our pockets. The fee is flexible based on the program and the number of classes you take up. The average cost ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4500.
  •  Stress reliever: How good is it to just vibe to music and move some muscles without intense workout sessions? In that way, Zumba is a great stress reliever as it is a fun and engaging activity that declutters the mind. 


There are two sides to a coin. Zumba might have a lot of perks, but on the other hand, there are also other factors one should look into. It helps to lose weight, but it is not the best option for strength training, which is one of its major disadvantages. As the focus of Zumba is on general fitness, it fails to work out certain parts of the body. Sometimes, intense sessions can take a toll on your knees or ankles due to constant movement, but you can always take it down a notch. 

It is wise to know what-is-what before jumping into something new. I believe y’all would have gained a clear-cut understanding of Zumba, its benefits and drawbacks. But given that the pros listed outweigh the cons, Zumba wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. So, go ahead, hit the music and shake it up! If you are looking for online Zumba classes, register for our 1-month Zumba Fitness live masterclass where we have improvised sessions with Salsa and Belly Dancing too-why not double up the fun!? Bust a move and dance it out!

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